April 23

European settlement

In class we finished our project on European settlement. The driving question for this project was “what did European settlement mean to everyone involved?”. We came to the conclusion that European settlement resulted in the Europeans and First Nations trading goods and services. The goods they trade have changed over time, but the economic relationship has remained similar! Our task was to create an info graphic about the 3 groups we learned about, the French, the British, and the First Nations.

Milestone 1:
In milestone 1, we wrote a paragraph about the continuity and change of Deep Cove in last 100 years. The fun thing about this was that is we got to go outside and sit in the forest to write it!

Milestone 2:
For milestone 2, we had to think of 3 changes, and 3 continuity’s from the time of settlement

Milestone 3:
For milestone 3 we had to come up with our facts for our info graphic. We needed a fact for each group during the time of settlement. We also had to create a drawing for each group.

Milestone 4:
Milestone 4 was our final info graphic. After many revisions due to the drawings not matching the aesthetics, grammar, punctuation, etc., we finally finished our info graphic. We also had to make a YouTube video explaining our info graphic.

Milestone 5:
For this milestone, we put up our info graphic. Kwosen and I put our info graphic up at Seycove’s front door.

This project helped us navigate through different apps such as keynote and Canva easier and grew our understanding on European settlement!

April 2


Aaaaaaand the Student Blogging Challenge has come to an end.

I feel this has been a cool way to connect with my buddy up in Oregon who plays college baseball, Gabe Skoro!

My favourite post was definitely the music post. I got to write about one of my favourite artists, Plus Crier, but there’s an epic plot twist,, Plus Crier isn’t real! If you wanna read more about that go to the blog post!


I thought the blogging challenge was really fun because I really got to write what I feel, even if we were given a topic, we would write our opinion on it. And as I mentioned before, it gave me a chance to connect with my buddy Gabe! I also discovered that people in Jordan, Argentina, Australia, and Brazil are looking at my blog!

I also liked the blogging challenge because I learned how to do a lot of new things with my blog.  My favourite thing I learned was how to put a globe tracker on my blog so I can see who is viewing my blog!

Well, that’s about it for now, hope you enjoyed reading! Bye 👋

April 2

DI post

What’s good lads? Tonight I will be talking about the Destination Imagination tournament we did in class! Don’t worry, this will not contain an April Fools day prank.

What is Destination Imagination?

Destination Imagination is a global tournament where you are put in groups. All groups have a different subject, Fine Arts, Science, Engineering, and Technical. Each one would have a different project. I was in the Fine Arts group and what we had to do was make a music video based off a story. The story that “we” chose was the story of Alice In Wonderland.

One if the big rules is that everything had to our own work or ideas. We couldn’t have help for parents or teachers and had to make the costumes, music, etc. If your team broke that rule they would be eliminated from the tournament.

we also had to choose 2 team elements. Team elements are kinda like a special skill someone on your team has that you can use in the video.

and of course,, we had to make a video

Overall I found this to be pretty stressful but when your group got on a roll, it could be pretty fun.


March 11

Metallurg Magnitogorsk vs Barys Nur Sultan game 5 recap

Hello, I’m Ben and I’m here to recap the hockey game between Metallurg and Barys.

The match played between Metallurg Hockey Club and Barys Hockey Club was game 5 of the first round of the KHL playoffs! The KHL is basically like the NHL but in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Puck drop was at 6 AM PT so I had to wake up fairly early to watch my favourite team, Metallurg Magnitogorsk play, but that’s not the worst. Lots of Metallurg’s games are played at 1 AM and 3 Am but I still stay up to watch them.

So now to the game. Magnitogorsk was the 3rd seed in the conference so they matched up against Barys, the 6th place team so I thought we would have beat them easily, especially after a dominant 7-4 game 1 win. But after that they just didn’t look as sharp, they haven’t been playing that bad but Barys just looked like they wanted it more so my confidence going into yesterdays game was not high, and the fact that we were coming off a disappointing 4-2 game 4 lose didn’t help. But the game still had to go on. 6 o’clock comes around and the puck drops and 2 minutes in captain Sergei Mozyakin got Magnitogorsk on the board giving them an early 1-0 lead. Magnitogorsk was buzzing after the good start and were putting the pressure on. Not to long after, Nikolai Prokhorkin pushed the lead up to 2-0. Metallurg was playing amazing. The period ends with the good guys up 2-0.

The second period also had a strong start with Magnitogorsk getting a lot of shots and hit the post on one of the but couldn’t put the puck in the net. I was getting hungry at this point so I went to grab some cereal and I come back to it being 3-1 Magnitogorsk. Since I didn’t see those goals I can’t really say if they were good or what even happened on the play. Now right as I’m settling back into my seat Canadian Taylor Beck fires a puck past the Barys goalie making it 4-1 for the good guys!! Then a minute later a shot from the top of the circles takes a few bounces and makes it 5-1 for Metallurg!!! Barys made a goalie change after this.

Not much happened in the 3rd so Magnitogorsk gets a big 5-1 win putting them up 3-2 in the series giving them a chance to move on to the next round on Friday at 5:30 AM in Nur Sultan!

I think that was a great game and a huge confidence builder for the team after a few poor games. I think they have a great chance to end the series on Friday!

thank you for reading and go Metallurg!!!!

March 9


Hey I’m Ben and I’m going to talk about festivities that go on at my house.

This of course, is the festivities of Super Bowl Sunday!! Every year my family put everything aside to make sure we can watch it even if our teams aren’t playing. We bake a cake,  tape the logo of the team we are cheering for on our shirts if our favourite teams aren’t playing, we order pizza and wings, and make a question sheet on what we think will happen in the game. Once when I was 6 I got the most questions right at a party and got a MASSIVE bag filled with Skittles!


every year my mom makes a delicious cake for the super bow! The cake is shaped like a football and we put both teams names on it and what super bowl it is! However, this year we only put Tampa Bay on it because I am a HUGE Buccaneers fan and requested that there would be no Chiefs on it.






chocolate or cocoa powder


baking powder



I don’t know the measurements but that is what we put in it!

March 3

How it started how its going post

Guess who’s back, back again, that’s right I’m back with another blog post and if you don’t know me my name is Ben and I’m an 8th grade student in Seycove’s PLP program. I’ll stop talking about me now and start talking about the most recent project!


Another project has come to an end for the PLP 8 class. This one was on worldview and how events from the past effect our worldview today. The driving question was “what can we learn from the past and how does that matter to use today?” I feel what went wrong in the past really  effects us now. Maybe if slavery never happened it could still be going on today! 

This project was fairly short but we did go through a lot of milestones and steppingstones.

First we made a “how it started how its going” meme. This is not the meme we would end up using in the museum though. Here is mine:


Then we went onto Google Arts and Cultures and took notes on the artworks. We looked at the colours, people, clothes (or not clothes in some occasions) and made a MindNode to organize our notes. This is what mine looked like:

Now I’m going to talk bout my favourite milestone. Milestone 2. For this milestone, we had to make a collage on our worldview! We thought of events that had happened in our lives that impacted your worldview. For example, I chose my trip to Arizona because it was the first time going to an US state that wasn’t Washington or Oregon, that would be under the aspect of geography. One of the rules for this is that we had to use our own photos, so we couldn’t take one off the internet. The photo had to be taken by you or drawn by you. I found that easy because most of my events were sporting events I went to.

Then we started about the medieval and Renaissance times. Honestly, I didn’t find is as interesting as some other people. I just found it kinda boring and not as exciting, it was all the same in my opinion. The only time it got interesting was when the christians and muslims fought for the holy land. I though that was pretty cool. A bunch of people took off on horses going out to try to kill other people!?! I thought it was epic. While learning about this, we were taught how to use cornel notes. Using our notes we wrote a test on a past event in the Renaissance or medieval time.

After the test, we were put into 7 groups, 1 for each aspect of worldview. We were separated by what aspect you wrote your test on, I wrote about society, so I was in the society group. The first thing we did in these groups was make a short story by using art we thought best represents our aspect. We had to use a certain story spine for writing the story:

After the story we got to creating the meme, now you’re probably thinking “didn’t y’all already do a meme?” Well yes but this is the final meme. For the final meme, we found a piece of artwork from the medieval or Renaissance times again, it could be the same one from the story, but most people decided to change it. Once we chose our piece of art, we had to edict our face on it ad make it more modern! Here is how mine turned out:

After all of this work, we put our art in a museum and had a big launch over Zoom! We also put our collages in a book!


Before this project, I had no clue that online museums were a thing. Not only did I learn that they, well, exist, but I also learned the process of making one.

February 25

Emoji story


once apon a time there was a cat. He was a happy cat. Why so happy? Because every day he went and got his nails painted. But one day when he went to the salon the building was destroyed by the devil!!! The happy cat, was a mad cat, so he teamed up with mr bird. They plotted a plan to get rid of the devil. Then mr bird had an idea,  “why don’t we team up with an angel!?” So they did. After thinking for a while. They decided to lure the devil with a woman. However the devil knew the whole plan. So after going out with her for a bit, he held the woman hostage!! Then mr bird turned red because he was teamed up with the devil. They teamed up to destroy the world and everyone was sad

February 19

Plus Crier, The Artist Who Never Existed

Plus Crier’s album “At The Mall”

Plus Crier’s album “In The Lobby”

Who is Plus Crier? Plus Crier is a “band” from the early 70’s, why did I put band in quotation marks? I’ll get to that in a minute. First off, I’ll start with some of their songs. A few of Plus Crier’s songs were Carrots, Ships in the Bay, Room 21, In the Lobby, and popular hit At The Mall. Their 2 albums were In The Lobby which was released in 1973 and At The Mall which was released in 1975. The song At The Mall took off, it was added to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc. Then suddenly, it all disappeared. Plus Crier’s music was gone. It was taken off Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, you name and music platform, it was gone. When something like this happens it’s normally something that happened with the copyright, the record label, or some other legal issue, and that’s exactly what happened. The popularity of At The Mall caught the attention of De Wolfe Music. De Wolfe Music is a huge British music company that specializes in the entertainment industry. They make music for all sorts of big Hollywood company’s. 5 years after Plus Crier released At The Mall, De Wolfe Music released the song Mr. Lucky, which sounds identical to At The Mall. This sounds pretty strange because why would a massive music company copy a song, and why would Plus Crier not say anything about it? The song Mr. Lucky was composed by Sir Karl Jenkins who is a well respected artist in the music industry. Now At The Mall and Mr Lucky aren’t the only Plus Crier songs that sound like other songs according t0 https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/paralirava/album/260580-at-the-mall/   A bunch of other Plus Crier songs sound the same as other songs. I also found it strange that a band from the 70’s would re-upload all their music in 2020. I also found it weird that there was no photos of the band anywhere. That’s because Plus Crier isn’t a real band from the 70’s. Plus Crier is a YouTube downloader bot that took some old songs, put a bit of a spin on them, then posted them. They put the input date as 1975 so they seemed legit.

At The Mall: https://youtu.be/57LZmyAnP6M
Mr. Lucky: https://youtu.be/ZZLyx_Owqec

Here are some of the other Plus Crier songs:
Carrots: https://youtu.be/Ap-tFncnV6k
In The Lobby: https://youtu.be/ir8axceFxMw

Quiz on Plus Crier here!