End of my world project

I Our last project was about the change between grade seven to eight.


We started off with our old worldview unit 

Next we read a book called book of the lion about the crusades. We learned about the transition for Europe after the crusades.


Next we had a few reflections about the book. Where we took on different roles and did research on different things. On Monday we would share our research and observations with our group and we would comment about the best and most interesting.      Later we had to brainstorm about some things that affected my worldview. Three for each of the aspects. They could be anything that posed a change to our lives. We showed a peer ours and got feedback from them and gave some feedback of our own. Then we were put in larger groups to make a triple Venn diagram about others changes, our changes and experts opinions. This gave us ideas for the later project.  Next we wrote a paragraph about the crusades and how they affected the Christian worldview. This gave us perspective of similar large transitions.       Our next project was to make a song. We took the lyrics to the song it’s the end of the world as we know it and rewrote them to fit our transition. We got feedback for our stuff then we were put into a group and put our song lyrics together into a better version. I was sick for the recording time so I had to use my own one again.


The driving question was how did moving from elementary to secondary school challenge and the answer all in the lyrics. The change and challenge in worldview is not summed up in one thing but the different aspects of the change. I showed the wider variety of options for high school and talked about the more work. The lyrics touched on mostly on work but showed all aspects of worldview. The biggest change was the work and use of technology though


The skills i came out of the project with were I learned new skills in garage band along with a lot of new history information about the crusades. I learned I cannot sing and my rhymes are bad. A skill I came out of the project with was a ability to describe a variety of things in one thing like a lyrics or a paragraph. I had to go in depth for a few of the things and see my writing skill increase also. I think the outcome would have been better if I were able to do the group one because it combined the best of multiple. This project was kind of an expansion on the previous unit but focused on us more, that was good because we know all about ourselves.

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