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Hello and welcome back to my blog. This week’s student blogging challenge assignment was to explain the proper way to comment of people’s blogs. It seems many people struggle with this is ‘blog good’ is generally not a good comment. That’s why I am here to explain to you how to get beyond just sending the thumbs up emoji to being more specific.

Of course before you comment on something it’s important to actually read it and make sure you understand to the best of your ability. Once you have an understanding of what they are talking about and you have finished reading you should pick out some of the things you liked best about the post. If there are things on the post that confuse you a comment is the perfect way to get an answer and bloggers will most likely be very excited to talk to you and help. Once you have got your words of encouragement ready it’s time to comment. Scroll to the bottom of their post and start off by addressing them and then say something about how good their post is and then follow through to explaining what you liked. After that ask your questions about whatever you want clarified. Here is an example of what a comment should look like…

Much better than this kind of comment.

To show this concept I make a little photoshop to show some good things to do and bad things to do when commenting.

For the last part of this weeks challenge we had to comment on other people’s blogs to show our understanding. Here are the three comments I left and the posts they were on.

I think my comments were fairly specific and asked quite a few interesting questions but could probably have had a bit more strength in their length.

I think this week’s tasks are good to learn as people generally don’t comment best but I don’t think it is the best topic to make a post on especially for those who have blogged before. I’m interested to see what next week brings.

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  1. This is a really extensive blogpost that provides really useful advice to others. I think you have done a very good job of helping others to be better commenters. Well done.

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