Following copyright laws

The student blogging challenge for this week was all about using images, copyright, and making images.

The first task was to teach the reader a little bit about copyright images. I made a little graphic showing the order you should go about getting a picture if you need one. Here it is….

Our next task was to create an image so on my walk home I took a couple pictures of two different parts of the trail. For the more fall one I upped the shadow on it. For the more green one I upped the saturation greatly to make the bottom bushes almost look tropical.

Our next task was to find a pixabay image or multiple and to just put them here so here is a picture of a moose and trees in front of the northeI really liked.

cocoparisienne / Pixabay

our next job was to create a poem about an image we found. I am going to make mine about the picture I put above.


I am a caribou in the night

my grunts and howl bring delight

to all the hunters high and low

Waiting for the winter snow


I hope you enjoyed my post and I look forward to the next weeks challenges.

One thought on “Following copyright laws

  1. Hi Brenton! My name’s Luca and I’m an Official Commenter.

    Wonderful blog post you have created here. I LOVE the graphic you made. That’s a great way to get information across in a fun way. Great writing, and great photos.

    Do you enjoy Poem writing?

    Keep up the great work!

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