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Hello everyone. This is my reflection for PGP on the recent trip that all of PLP 9 went on in September. In this post I am supposed to answer the driving question ‘how did you persist and manage your impulsivity on this field study in order to question, think, and gather data to complete your project and enjoy yourself?‘. To answer this question I must use evidence from the trip like assignments.

To start I am going to show my ghost town video. This was filmed at Three Valley Gap, the first place we stayed overnight. Beside the hotel in Three Valley Gap is the only privately owned ghost town in North America. Our job was to create a old western video in the ghost town at the resort. We were given an hour to do the video which really tested our impulsivity. I think my group did pretty well for the time limit as we were on task the entire time, finding a set then filming all our scenes. I think this relates to the driving question because, by staying engaged in my group, I did not end up off task. Here is the video.

The next thing I am going to show is my daily notes. These were daily assignments where we were given a writing prompt every day that relates to the activities that day. I think I completed these fairly well but for many I didn’t finish the day of and had to do them later. I think one of the reasons for this, is that I was too focused on what I had to do the next day for other assignments and projects. Another reason I think caused this is distractions around where we were supposed to be writing the note or just not being a fast writer and taking more than the given time. This may be something I should work on. Here are my daily notes.

I’m now gonna show something I probably could’ve done better on. We were all told to make a video in half an hour about something at the Royal Tyrrell museum in Drumheller. My video was kind of a disaster as after my first take my mic completely failed and didn’t record any audio and I wasn’t able to find a solution in time. Because of this my video ended up being very short and not that good. I think this was mostly error with the technology but I probably could have noticed the problem sooner and thought of a better solution.

To show I was able to do my work effectively and collect enough evidence and media, I will show my final video for the project we were mainly focusing on. I think I was able to do this and collect the evidence by always taking pictures and focusing on the exact place we were at the time so I could later understand more about said place. I was also able to eliminate potential distractions like games and other stuff by blocking them and always focusing on getting evidence for my video or just nice pictures to take home. Here is my video.


I think this shows that I was able to collect evidence and be impulsive as I made sure to revise and put a variety of stuff in my video.

As for the fun part that was so so. Some parts were really fun when relaxed but others not so much.

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