Dominion Revival Party

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Our most recent project in PLP, is to think up a new political party with a group. The party my group has come up with, is the Dominion Revival Party. Our party is for the people. Our primary policy and goal is governmental reform so all Canadians have a more equal voice, and we can eliminate regional preferences. The name stems from the fact that we are trying to revive the founding principles of our dominion, one of which is representation of all people/regions.

One of our biggest policies is senate reform. This is relevant to one of my most recent posts which was about the 2021 Federal Election, in which I talk about many issues with the Senate of Canada as it is. The biggest thing that we think needs to be changed in the senate is the seat distribution. Currently BC, Alberta and Ontario are significantly underrepresented. We vow to change that. As for the appointment aspect of the senate, we do not wish for an elected senate as to not cause a battle for power and legitimacy between the two houses.

Another issue of regional representation that we would like to fix is Supreme Court appointment quotas, as by guaranteeing an overly large amount of seats to one region, you deny others their fair share, as well as potential talent a chance.

Lots of people like to use proportional representation as their buzz word for electoral reform, but we actually see the issues with it, and wish for better changes to our system. Our party believes in a maintenance of first past the post ridings as they better represent the constituents in them, and allow MPs to bring up localized issues. However, we will implement a system where all federal ridings are reviewed every five years (every census) to ensure they are fair, and redone if they have large population disparities. Also in regard to MPs representing their constituents, we believe that having a set social policy in our party is a negative, so we maintain that party politics should stay out of social policy and those matters should be proposed and voted on with freely by MPs representing their constituents rather than parties as a whole.

Our party is based on a centrist economy policy, but we do believe in responsible spending by government. Part of this, along with being more fair to all regions, is to reform the equalization payment formula, as it unnecessarily gives extra money to certain provinces when it isn’t needed, and they can cover more of their own expenses.

If you want to hear our other members takes on our policies, you can check out their blogs too. They are Alexee, Grace and Owen.

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