Xbox vs PlayStation : a War to go Down in History

So you might be thinking…

”Well this amazing and handsome and intelligent young man on the internet has told me about different gaming platforms but I want to get a console, hmm which one do you recommend?”

Well Internet person, that’s a personal choice, so I could say ‘I don’t know’, but that wouldn’t be very helpful now would it! There are two consoles that you could look at. These are..



So, Xbox is what I prefer as I like the controller layout more. An Xbox controller looks like this   

At first you might think its weird how the sticks aren’t parallel to each other like this, 

however, it feels better than it looks as it fits comfortably in your hand. But if you don’t think that would be good for you then..



PlayStation has a very different controller layout, although it might not look like that at first. Also holding a PlayStation controller is very different and in my opinion less comfortable.

This is a PlayStation controller and believe it or not the thing above the dots is pressable!

You might notice that the buttons are different than the Xbox and there are more. There are symbols now rather than letters! So if you chose one of these 2 controllers over the other be aware the buttons are different – don’t refer to the B button to a PlayStation player, they will look at you oddly!.


Pros and Cons



  • Longer battery life
  • simpler layout
  • exclusive Xbox games


  • Uses batteries(can be fixed with rechargeable batteries)
  • headphone jack on controller can break if you pull out headphones often



  • easier to access games for beginners
  • PlayStation exclusive games
  • rechargeable batteries


  • shorter battery life
  • slightly more complex in terms of speaking with friends as no Live Gold chat avaiable

Ok so that’s about it.

Do you have a preference?

Tell me in the comments and make sure to follow to get notified when I make another post. (At least I think that’s how that works)

Ok byyyyyyeeeeee.


  1. Xbox is Better.

  2. Nice blog post Caden! I really agree with you on your opinion on play staton or xbox, essspecially on the part about the controllers. Xbox over play station forever!

  3. Hello my fellow cult member (Mac & Cheesus),

    It is nice to see that you are doing great on your blog. Keep up the good work!


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