Let’s switch it up

So the other platforms we’ve talked about cant really be used on the go like in the car or on a train but this one is different. It is a handheld small device that looks like this.

And you may be thinking, “bUt I dOnT wAnT iT tO bE sMaLl”

Well random hopefully human I do not know the switch can be placed into a docking station that can be plugged into to your TV (with an HDMI cable) and have it appear on there. Here is a video of me showing you how to do it.

Now that you know it is able to be big-screen I’m going to tell you about some of the games I recommend.

Here I will list 5 different games I suggest to any Nintendo player

Pokemon is a game with a whole new array of animals and creature however you can befriend these creature by throwing balls at them and capturing them. But you can also use these creatures to battle other trainers creatures to level up your pokemon and make them stronger. If you have a Netflix subscription or a prime account or any type of streaming services and are wondering about what it looks like make sure to take a look before buying the game as it is quite expensive and might of be what your looking for
Super smash bros has a collection of characters from many different Nintendo games. Then you select the character you want to play as and then either play online with other people across the planet, play with your friends or family, or play against robots with different difficulty levels
Animal crossing is a game where you go around completing tasks on an island and upgrading your possessions, designing your house and make friends with different characters.
In this game you play the character of Mario but you can take his hat off and throw it at objects and creatures then you become that thing. Each creature has different abilities and you play through different levels.
Ring fit is a game that has 3 different primary modes. One – the story mode where you uses the exercise ring that comes with the game to battle monsters and dodge and jump obstacles. The second mode is the mini games mode where you play exciting different mini games each with there own mechanics – this is challenging fun to play with friends and family or even your enemies to show how fit you are haha. Finally there is a workout mode which is based on whole body exercise routines. This game is an excellent way to stay fit.


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