When Making films there is a story side and a technical side. For this project it was more focused of the technical side of filmmaking. 

At the start of the project I was tasked with making a re-make of “Run” a short film by the creator of cookieimagenation. This was a one minute and fifteen seconds film. The premise was that a Character going on a light jog has a feeling that he is being followed by something. When the Charecter looks back it shows that he is ent but when he looks again he in fact is being followed bye a some sort of creature. He run but eventually he is caught. Here’s the original video.

For my re-make of “Run” I wanted to be as close as possible to the original film. Since the story was already made making the script and shot planing was easy. Here is my shot plan. 

Run! Our Version

Once I had all the shots it was time for editing. I used the editing app called  davinci resolve 18.6. The editing took around 2-3 hr and here is my final product.

After I thought we were done we spent around 2 days of our class giving each other some kind, helpful, and specific. Some of the feed back that I received was the camera was to shake and aligning some of the clips with the original.

So It’s Back to filming.

Going into my second take at filming this. I was a lot more confident with filming. Here is the new shot list I had created.

Run 2 Plan Shot Type/Time/Action

When I got all my shots it took me 6 hr over 3 days to complete this edit. The thing that made it so long was timing it to the original. There was also sound design and I used a site called artlist.io and that helped a lot.

Over this project was an amazing opportunity to put my filmmaking skills to the test. If I were to do it again I would want more time and film in lower settings because 4K can be less forgiving then 1080p for editing. Hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for reading.