Thrilling You! 

Hello, and welcome to my reflection on my two minute Thriller short film. 

The goal of the this project was to create a two minute and 15 second short  film that reflects the key elements of a suspenseful Thriller.  This includes being engaging, having an exciting climax, having suspense, and leaving the audience questioning.  

At the beginning of our project we were put into groups and we began planning.  Things we did during our planning stage were brainstorming a film Title, Log Line, Plot Summary, and draft a script. Once we completed our initial pitch, we then created a Story Board for our film, which included the exact times each scene would take.  Overall, I think the preproduction stage of our film went well. We had a good foundation to build on and were ready to start filming without any big issues to address. 

Log Line: A team making a documentary about the population of a small cabin community, who, upon returning after the summer, they discover that a company has shown up, with odd things happening around the company and their henchmen, until the documentary team is stopped by the company, who started with letters, but turned physical.

During our filming process we had a few issues concerning the location we had chosen. We had to find a place that was in school that looked like the interior of a cabin.  Luckily the GSA teachers were willing to give us the keys to their portable, which looked close enough to a rustic cabin interior. Some of the successes that we had including filming multiple angles of our scene in one take which gave us a lead in time.  In reflection, I think that the filming went the smoothest.

The editing was the final stage. Some of my group members did most of the editing as they were assigned that task. I reviewed the final edits before our film was posted and was happy with the choices my group members made.  

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