Learning the Xin Hai Revolution through Metaphors and Machines

The Winter Exhibition project was a valuable learning experience for me. Me and my group successfully completed the project, and there were several aspects that went very well. Firstly, I learned about Crane Brinton’s theory of revolutions and how to create a metaphor based on Newton’s Cradle to represent the stages of a revolution. This allowed me to understand the concept of momentum and how it carries through different stages of societal change.

Additionally, researching the Xin Hai Revolution was challenging and informative. Despite the limited time we had, our group managed to gather extensive information about the revolution and successfully aligned its events with Brinton’s theory and his four stages.  

Building a Rube Goldberg machine to represent the Xin Hai Revolution was a creative and engaging task. Each chain reaction in the machine would represent the many stages of the revolution. It providing a visual representation of the concepts we had learned. It was satisfying to see our machine in action before the Winter Exhibition, as it effectively conveyed the message we intended after some adjustments in our original plan.

here is a infographic of the most important event in the revolution

One aspect of the project that could have been improved was the time for research. Given the complexity and depth of the subject, more time would have given us a chance to understanding the Xin Hai Revolution and the other revolutions respectively. 

For our documentary, which every group needed to create, we decision for our group to film it in a “Keeping up with the Kardashians” style which would provide a level of entertainment and engagement into our presentation. However, in retrospect, we could have balanced the sass and drama with a more serious tones to maintain the educational value of the documentary. 

In conclusion, the Winter Exhibition project was a valuable and engaging experience that taught me about revolutions, metaphor creation, and the importance of research in historical contexts. It showcased how ideas drive change by showing the stages of the Xin Hai Revolution through a Rube Goldberg machine. Although there were some areas for improvement, overall, the project was a success, and I am proud of our group’s efforts in  presenting our work to the public hopefully I’m at the exhibition for our next project.

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