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Hi welcome back to my blog! Today I will be reflecting on the humanities project I just finished. The two main goals were to use SuperimposeX to photoshop a triptych and to create a persuasive paragraph on why I think a certain topic is the most historically significant.

 First lets go back a little bit to when we first started the project when I knew little to nothing about the renaissance time period. We start off with a simulation activity where we were assigned a role. We could be anything from a powerful monarch or a serf who’s only role was to sit in the floor and give all their possessions away. Right away I checked out my card and I got serf. So I spent the whole simulation on the floor. I was thinking it was boring because I had no freedom but then I realized that this was a reflection of what some peoples lives were like. I started thinking about how demoralizing it would be to have no freedom at all. It was at that moment when I started to understand the project and why it might be of importance.

We then chose four topics that interested us. I selected Access to education, Leonardo Da Vinci, Clocks and hourglasses, and the Primavera. I then had to create a NAME chart for each of them. NAME stands for Novelty, Applicability, Memory and Effect. Here is an example of one of my name charts. 

Then I learned how to use photoshop and using the four topic I researched I created my triptych. 

It featured me in the centre. On the either sides of me you can see the historical inventions and changes that I selected. They transition into modern things when they touch the centre box. I put the Primavera changing into an apple pen because lots of art it drawn digitally now. I have a hourglass changing into a clock and books turning into an eReader to symbolize education materials. The last step was constructing the final paragraph. I collected all of the things I felt I needed to include and then I wrote it. 

I learned lots of things over this project like how to use SuperimposeX and  who Leonardo Da Vinci was, but I also learned about how society was and still is unfair and how it must feel to people with little to no freedom. I feel that the purpose of this project was to learn about the renaissance and how it personally connects to us. See you next time!

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