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Hi welcome back to my blog (or welcome if this is your first time) the project I just completed in Humanities was the New Beginnings project. In that project we learned all about the fur trade and we worked towards the final goal: creating two visuals depicting two perspectives of some aspect of the fur trade.

At the beginning of the project we made ads for Seycove because at the start the PLP teacher had planned for the final project to be an advertisement. We used the skills we had learned in the medium is the message project to construct our advertisements. 

My advertisement

We also went on some nature walk and took photos of nature to use in our final image. Here are some photos I took

One of my favourite things we did in this project was the beaver simulation. We were put into groups (HBC company, Wendat, Haudenosaunee, and Northwest company), I was in HBC. The goal of the simulation was for the HBC and the Northwest company to get all the beavers and  for the Wendat and the Haudenosaunee to get all of the supplies and the gun. Unfortunately in the simulation my group didn’t do a good job and we had to make DIY beavers to stay afloat because nobody would trade with us.

I chose fille du roi as my topic and researched all about it, I created this slider:


In my first visual I used a girl looking through a doorway at a life she might have if she moved to New France. I used symbols to show the things that she might get in New France clothing, food, money, and love. She is thinking she could start a new life in New France because the life she is living isn’t very good. In visual two it shows the same doorway but instead it shows her alone, without food, without money, and with torn clothes. Basically my visuals are showing that the girl is considering going to New France but she is unsure whether she will have a good life in New France. Part of her is excited to go to New France but the other part is scared it will be worse than what she has.

I demonstrate my learning in that paragraph and thank you for reading my blog. Cya!

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