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Walking through Deep Cove History

For this project we worked closely with the Deep Cove Historical Society, which is the group that has studied the history of the Deep Cove area, where our school is located. We worked closely with Jim from the Society to assist in translating their printed material to an online format so more people would be…

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Call to Action – Sustainability and moo

For this project we were heavily focused on the environment and environmental goals for keeping the planet clean, and finding new ways of thinking and obtaining clean energy that does not affect the planet. A lot of our research and discussions were centered around the Paris agreement, where there was an international meeting about how…

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Romeo and Juliet – A Parody

For this unit we took a little bit of a look at Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet. To start off we took a look at Shakespeare’s life and what made him a good writer. We learned about how he came to London, started his playhouse, and wrote his plays. I thought this part of our…

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TWIL #3 for Romeo and Juliet

This week we went over in more detail a few things in the play: Romeo and Juliet getting married, and the two murders. I want to talk about the two murders because that is what I did my creative artifact on this week. So what happened was Mercutio and Tybalt got in an argument and…

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TWIL#2 for Romeo and Juliet

So this week I learned about Act 2 of Romeo and Juliet. I don’t know what it was like back then but they fell in and out of love like crazy! Let me explain. So at the end of Act One, Romeo went to a party for only one reason, to see Madeline. At the…

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TWIL #1 for Romeo and Juliet

We are starting a new unit in Humanities 10 studying Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. We are going to be posting once a week at the end of the week about what we learned (This Week I Learned or TWIL). So this is my first TWIL post. I must admit that at the beginning of…

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Salt to the Sea

The unit that we just completed was a study of World War II (WWII) through our driving question: How do stories of survival deepen our understanding of WWII? We started by doing research on some of the main battles in the war such as The Battle of Britain, Dunkirk, and Battle of the Atlantic. We…

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Poetry Post

In our poetry unit we read a lot of poems to get a basic idea of what poems are and what makes up a poem. We started defining poetry terms by reading poems and highlighting examples of those terms that we could identify in the poem. This was done in preparation for our poetry test,…

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Spring Exhibition – the sky’s the limit

For this blog post I’m going to be talking about our Spring Exhibition. At the Exhibition, we present our final project in PLP for the year, so it is a big weight to get off your shoulders when it is done, but it is also my favourite project of the year. Each year we finish…

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The Great War, which wasn’t really so great.

For our final term and our final project in Humanities, we were researching World War I (WWI). This is right up my alley as I find military history really interesting. I like to hear the motives behind the conflicts, and hear all of the stories of what actually happened. As the quote attributed to writer and…

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