What is being a PLP learner?

 Well I just recently learned this myself in school in my maker class.

What being a PLP is is just learning a bit differently then most people by making a lot of drafts and not just throwing something away after the first draft. I’m about to go over what i learned by giving some examples and going through what i have been learning this maker class.

So step one is listing what we have been doing in this class and and then explaining what we did and how i increased my knowledge and learning. The thing that we have done in this project are the big life journal, the Memoji, the different team challenges, the teamwork contract and the, the user Manuel, the physical representation design plan, the Memoji speech bubble, the i am statements and the digital selfie and the who am i WordPack image. Each of these increased my learning in different ways and i will list a few. The first example her is the digital selfie which helped us get a better understanding of how to use the camera on our iPad in different way as well as edit the photo with different shades and filters and how to draw on on the photo to make it to our expectations. An other example of this is the user manual which helped tach us how to use the app page s which is simpler to the app word by Microsoft and they taught us how to use the different fonts, colours and bullet points that made all of our user manuals to grade, but the most important thing was that they taught us how to use these apps in different ways and that Is the important thing that i’m trying to convey here. 

You might be wondering why i have put all of this in a my blog and that is what i plan to answer here. The reason I’m putting all of these things in here is to convey the fact that all of these things that we had to learn all had a reason behind them and that was to teach us how to use these apps to become and improve being a PLP learner. That is why we had to do all of these things in class. In reflection i see that every thing that we have done in class has been to make sure that we can be the best PLP learner that we can. That is what being a PLP learner is about.


here is video guided tour of what we did in my becoming a PLP learner class:

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