• This was my first ad draft for humanities

So this post is about what I did in my humanities class, and what I did in this class was medium is the message which was a project about advertising and how what we did kind of gave us different takes on what an ad is and how hard they are to make, but enough of my yappin, time to start this post.

So what we have been doing for these past 5 weeks in humanities was medium is the message. So we learned about advertising and some of the technics used to persuade us and appeal to us and try to get us to buy or use their product and/or service.

What we have worked on in class are the advertising photo journal, the historical media analysis and the single and group ads for our business and all of this was to give us a better perspective on what advertising is about and how they use multiple different strategies to intrigue us, draw us in and then try to make the sale.

Some of those strategy’s are weasel words, targeted advertising, using celebrity’s that they think that we like and look up to and finally things that look different and pop out to us. We learned about all of these stratagys in class and used some of them to make our own ads in our groups. Then we voted the one that we like the most and touched it up, made it pop out more and then sent it to our client.

So in humanities we worked on making as for our businesses and the business that my group got was Patrica Houlihan, personal real estate corporation who you can check out here. So we did a small 10 minute interview with our client Patricia to see what she wanted in her ad. What she said she wanted was an ad that is fun and pops out but stays professional and appeals to the right audience. So we came up with our individual ad drafts.

Once we finalized our ads we voted on which one that we though was the best (the one that we chose was Ruby’s) and then made changes and improvements on it  (and I give full credit to my group mates they did most of the work, i have no artistic talent) and then we sent it to Patricia for approval made and couple of minor improvements and then we were mostly done the project. You can see the final group ad below.

You can check out my group mates here. Makai, Ruby, Frankie, Cameron and Keaton out by clicking on their names.


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