For the last month and a half we have been working on our tectonic chances project in class. BUT what was the point of this project? It was to make a science themed board game that was based on tectonic plates. So me and my group made a game called escape the plates (although full credit goes to my group mates as i joined there group half way through as my original partner was M.I.A the entire time). You can check out my partners here Daniel and Dylan you can check out a copy of the game rules a bit lower down in the article

So here i will go over what i learned. But that is mainly summed up by my MindNode which is below, but i will also sum it up in words for those who are too lazy. So we learned about the different plate boundary’s we learned, learned about the different layers of earth we learned about convection currents and we finally learned about continental drift and all about the key concepts of the tectonic plates and the such.


Now i will talk about the three different curriclur competencies that we were graded  on in scimatics. The different grades/ feedback levels that we could receive are emerging devolving accomplished and extending. We also sometimes receive these grades with emoji like the rainbow emoji, the sunshine emoji, the sun/cloud emoji and the cloud emoji.

So the first curriclur competency that i will talk about is: Evaluating: Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of evidence. So here i got acomplished on how The theory of plate tectonics and supporting evidence is a central theme of the game. 10 key science concepts are described. Game pieces visually represent tectonics concepts.

The second curriclur competency is: All class time is used efficiently for learning and project work without distractions. I also got accomplished on this one as well.

And the finale one is: The tectonics game uses probability in each turn to determine outcomes. The probability of several example combinations of events is clearly calculated in the game instructions. And i got accomplished again here so not much too put down here.

Here is a copy of the game rules. Click on the link right beside me. Escape the plates

So that is my horrible blog post, about the story of the tectonic chances project that we did in scimatics. If you want to have a better explanation of what we did, then check out my partners. I liked their blogs higher up in the article/blog?.


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