So this is the first blog post out of two blog post that i will be doing for this project, one for the Herzog and one for Carr. This is the first blog post, this one is for Herzog. So the first thing that i want to talk about is the Fred Herzog, because he was what this small project was about, but also how he pioneered the art of street photography, so the first thing that i want to talk about is Fred Herzog.

Fred Herzog was born is Germany in 1930. He imagrated to Vancouver in 1953. As a photographer his use of colour was a unusual at the time because artistic photography at the time was black and white so he was a different photographer in that regard. An other thing that he was unique in was the fact that he did artistic street photography. Street photography is supposed to mean that the photo is just captured it is not modeled and is is not formed, it is just taken.

the goal of this sub project was to become our own fred Herzog and take pictures, think how they tell a story and learn how we can take better photos.

What we learned in school about taking the photos was taught to us in 5 skill.

Skill one: composing composition. What we learned with this skill was how to focus a photo, and how to take a nice looking basic photo with our iPads. We also took a photo walk and made a personified picture.

Skill number two: adjusting angles. In the adjusting angles skill we learned how use photo booth with the timer, use preset filers in the camera and photos app and experimented with lighting and basic camera angles. What we learned was how to shoot self portraits how to make a portrait and how to create a silhouette portrait. A final thing that we learned was how we can use lighting to tell a story.

Skill number three: manufacturing mood. What we did to build the skill: composed our shot using the rule of thirds and the rule of backgrounds and foregrounds, we varied our basic camera angles, tried panorama, used scale and contrast and applied a filter with a third party app. The first thing that we did to practice the skill snapping a landscape. The second was taking a panorama and finally we captured people places and things.

Skill number four: creating collages. How we built the skill: we used basic keynote with photos: we rotated, resized, arranged, drawed masked and remixed, we used advanced keynote with photos and created storyboards for our images. The first skill that we practiced was pictorializing our names. The second was creating a personalized collage, mine is one my personalized collage about me page.

Skill number five: moulding movement. The things that we did for building the skill were trying burst mode, taking and editing Live Photos, changing the appearance of a photo over time using keynote and finally adding motion to a photo. The skill that we used to practised to improve were creating a moment in motion. What we did was take a ton of photos with burst and we froze one part of the moment in time. And other thing that we did to practice was morphing a photo using keynote and finally we created a photo animation, or a gif.

But what did all of this serve to do? It taught us how to take better photos and how to tell a story in a picture and how to capture and freeze a moment in a picture. That is what this Herzog project was about.

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