So this is my first project in maker for the year and it is called vibrant video and what this project was about was making videos and learning how to use some of the apps on our iPads and learning how to create skills around them. But i am getting a bit ahead of my self here. There were a few different steps to this project and i am going to list them, the journey we took and how we learned and improved on telling a story in out videos.

Part one what is this project about learning how to use the apps to film a good video. Next once we knew who to film a good video we then started on telling a good story through our videos. We we then did an activity for this and i will add all of the things that i think are important at the bottom of my blog post. So in this video that we did with two of our class mates we had to make a silent film video like it would have been in the 1920s. So instead of violence more of a slap stick comedy vibe. The plot in out video was a kid is going to debate club and on the first meet he is told that he is going to read a poem instead of debating something and he aces it.

The second big activity that we did in that we did was a video that was meant to show someone how to do something and the subject that my group me members decided to do was fitness and the theme of the video was 4 exercises to keep you in shape. So what we did for this video was we filmed the video outside and when we were done. Filming we then edited the video and we added music and graphs showing how to do these exercises (also a note this was not my idea i think that this was kinda weird but i mean it’s whatever.

In my opinion the things that we did in the start of the project was really a waste of time and i don’t think it helped us understand what we were doing at all but anyways here it is. In the start of the project we were doing some of the sappy what do you want to do with your life stuff and what goals do you have. We did a whole lot of of goal setting stuff like hall ladders among other but yeah that was the gist of this project.


Here are some of the video that we did in this project:

Final video


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