Mpol 2022

Thank you for reading my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.

So this is the second Mpol that i am going to do in the plp programme and it has been an interesting start to the year. With most of my plp classes in the first semester this will be more of a recap then what i can do better for the rest of the year, but i still have one plp class and i will still be reflecting and doing my best to improve my learning for my next year in the plp program. With that let’s hop straight into the mpol(mid year presentation of learning).

So the first class that i would like to touch on is Humanites. I would like to recap what i did but also reflect on what my strengths and weaknesses have been in this first semester chunk of the class. So the three projects that we have done in this class are: Revolutions the power of geography and the industrial Revolution and i have had my strangest and weaknesses in all of these projects but the one that i would like to focus on is the Revolutions because i think that this is the project that best represents what i have been able to achieve. I think this shows my growth as a learner because my teacher mister Harris had to leave the project mid way through because of reasons i will not disclose. Because of this me and my group mates had to make sure that we got stuff done and we had to make sure that we were adapting our plans because we could not ask the teachers about things. I think this made me and my group mates grow as learners because we had to be more independent.

The next class that i want to talk about is science. The projects that we have done in science class are: life as we know it, exiting electricity and handle with care and the project that i think most shows my growth is the exiting electricity because we got to learn about something that i am very interested in and because of this i was very motivated an made sure that i was doing my assignments to the very best of my ability and enjoying doing them and that is something i can’t say this true for every project. Because of this when i messed up my energy poster i went and fixed it. I missed some of the learning that we did in this class when i went to Mexico so when i got back i then put in all of the work to make sure that i got my operation board game done in time and i really enjoyed it. I think that this project really helped me grow as a learner because it has taught me that a project can be really fun and something that i enjoy doing on my own time.  IMG_2217

And finally the last class. To me the elephant in the room. Maker. The project that i think best shows my learning is: finding fun with videos. I think this is the project in maker that i most enjoyed the most because we got to run wild with our imagination and do something that we wanted. In this project we had an assignment and we then had to use our imagination to make something that meets the criteria and i know that this is the case for all of the plp projects but especially this one. For example the A.R. snow globe we used the A.R. maker app to use geometric shapes and some images to put an image in the snow globe and make it look like the snow is spinning. I think that this project shows my growth the best because it shows myself that a maker project can be fun and that maker as a class is not a giant waste of time. I also think that it shows my growth because i was mature enough to give this project a try.

My goals for the year are to: stop procrastinating, all though the procrastination is not so bad that i can’t get anything done, that doesn’t change the fact that it is not a good habit and that i should stop it. I also think that i should be more open minded but i say this a lot so i think a better way of phrasing things is i should give things a chance before i decide that i do not like them and develop a closed mindset about them. Some thing that I desperately need to improve is hading stuff in on time because this is a major flaw of mine  And finally i want to be better about cementing my final project idea in stone and not changing it on a dime when i fell that it is not as good as it could be and changing it so that it ends up worse in the long run.

What are some things that i can do to implement changes for these bad habits? Well for the procrastination, i can make sure that i am settings goals for my self in stone and doing my homework/ assignments one time before i do other things that are more fun. For the mindset i think i have to mature as a person and you could say that this is the solution to all of these is being more mature, but i really think that being more mature would help with this because it would mean that if i was aware enough to know that i need to be more mature, then i would be aware that having a fixed mindset instead of a growth one would be very helpful as a person. As for handing stuff in on time i think that the solution to this issue is setting alarms and reminders would go a long way to helping me get this under control next semester. This last goal that i have sounds kinda weird but it makes sense with context but i want to make sure that i have confidence in my work and not think that i need to mix it up half way done the project because it is not good enough. If it is not good enough i need to be thinking about how i can improve it.

After one and a half years as a plp learner i think something that my work reflects about me, at least in my opinion is that i am not good at making things look aesthetically pleasing and this is a big weakness whether it is from making good media for my blog posts or making somethings look nice if art work is involved. I know that this is a weakness of mine and i try to counter this in my work by making sure that i have my work be of a high quality whether it is from making sure that i get a lot of facts in a poster talking about somethings or i replace art with a good layout. An other think that i have learned is i do not ask for help enough. I need help acknowledging that i might need help and cannot do every thing by myself.

One thing that i have not talked about very much are my strengths: and a according to me i have at least a couple in my opinion. So some strengths that i have found that i have from working in the plp are: giving directions if need be and i mean this in the best way possible, like if in a group project if something needs to get done but we are not sure how to do it i can assign things so that they get done by the group. An other strength that i have found in my work is the ability to do good research on something, like finding good hard pieces of evidence to back a claim that i might make for a project. I also think that i am good at creating creative ideas for projects i am just not the best at implementing them.

Thank you for observing my mid year presentation of learning, any constructive criticism would be nice, just remember to keep it kind helpful and specific.

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