At the top there is my Memoji and my take on teamwork.


Hi I’m Callum and this is my teamwork contract for working in a team.

When i am working a in a team i want to know that my team will help easy other out in doing out projects and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses so that we can help each other improve and cover for each other in areas of weakness so that we can work optimally in a team and make the most of our time and efforts in school and outside of school so that we can be successful in what we are doing and trying to do.

I also want to know that my team will be responsible, helpful, collaborative, communicative, respectful and cooperative when working in a team with each other to the best of everyone’s ability’s i also want everyone to try there best at all times when working together in a team. And finally i want no one to be afraid of speaking out about there ideas whether they are stupid weird or not, because let’s be frank i think that weird things are the best.

And finally to talk about my faults because every one has them. I think that my faults when it comes to working in a team are the fact that i sometimes have trouble with my motivation when i comes to doing something that i do not find useful. So i think that everyone should make sure that every one know each other’s small faults so that there is no awkwardness when comes to team work.

Few that was long but we made it all the way through thank you for reading my team contract, i hope you learned something abut me working a team.



this is part of my user manual