Humanities and science comic book!

For our most recent project, argh matey, we had a joint class with humanities and science. The humanities side was about explorers, and the scimatics side was about viruses and diseases. Doing a joint project was surprisingly nice and helpful because it was the same amount of work but it wasn’t as much to think about.


For scimatics, our curricular competency was communication. That basically means communicating our ideas, And doing that using proper scientific, finding solutions, etc. For our first milestone we did a mind map. Is my map was showing what we already knew about viruses, and what questions we had. Here is mine:

This is a pretty helpful mile stone because it set off our project with us curious about viruses and diseases. The next mile stone was by far the most fun milestone. We made a disease wanted poster for any disease that wanted. It had to include facts about how many people it is affected, how long have you been around, and more. It was really fun to make because it was almost like you were making a real wanted poster. This is my wanted poster:


I was pretty proud with how it turned out! Luckily our teacher knew that we couldn’t have TOO much fun and we had to balance it out with some less fun stuff. We had to do a con Academy lesson and complete the test. As much as this part was boring, it was very helpful for our learning. There’s not much to say about it except for it was really difficult. The last two milestones were combined with humanities, but I’ll get into that later


For the humanities part of this project we were learning about explorers. The competency that was being assessed was establish historical significance. This basically means how do we decide what is worth being remembered. For the first humanities milestone, we had a pretty strange one. We were told to watch a movie called Osmosis Jones, which I had no idea why we were watching it at first. It was a movie that had two perspectives. One of a man, and one of blood cell inside of him. It made sense later though, because that’s what we were doing for our comic book. The actual milestone part came when we had to write out the story spine of Osmosis Jones, which wasn’t too difficult. Our next milestone was a comic book analysis chart. Basically, we had to read a bunch of comics, and then analyze them for the mood, the writing, etc. For the last humanities milestone, we had to choose an explorer and then make a chart about them. I chose Hernando De Soto, A Spanish conquistador who explored south east America. This is my chart about Hernando De Soto:

This is a picture of De Soto:

Joint work:

For the joint work part of the project, there were only two milestones. The first one was a storyboard for our comic book. This part was not too difficult but it did take me a little bit of time. I don’t really need to see my storyboard though because you are about to see my final product, my comic book. The comic book took a long, long time. Drawing every frame for the comic book took me almost a week. Some parts of the story were slightly exaggerated or made up because we don’t know everything about every explorer. Here is my completed book!


Overall I think this project was really fun and I really got to let out the creativity in me, and I hope I get more fun projects like this in the future!

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