How to Live in New France

It’s crazy to think that so long ago someone arrived where we live today and think that this is a new place to live, versus today where there are a ton of people, and many buildings. I think because I am only thirteen, my sense of long periods of time is non existent, so imagining how long ago people first arrived here is not even possible. Anyway, that’s not the point of this blog post. For our last humanities projects of the year, we learned about the history of Canada and New France! It was really interesting to see how far we’ve come, and also how many things are still the same as before. Our driving question for this project was “how can artifacts teach us about settlement, peoples and life in New France.”



For this project, we had two main competencies. The first was communicate, with I think I did a good job at. Basically this competency means that you need to put your own thoughts and ideas into your writing and your speaking. I did this well because I was really interested in the turtle effigy that I did my main project on. The second competency was use evidence from various sources. I did this very well because when researching, I only used website that had .gov at the end, and checked on two different websites for everything.




There were a total of 6 milestones in this project, this blog post being the sixth. To start off, we chose an object that was important to us in the Covid-19 pandemic, and we were given the choice to either write a paragraph, make a video, or make a podcast about our object. I chose my keyboard because I use it every day, and I made a podcast on it. Here it is:




Next up, we made a short video about a fictional person in New France, and they needed a role, a job, a birthday, a location, a time, etc. After that, for milestone 3, we researched an artifact, and I researched something called a turtle effigy. Here is a photo of a turtle effigy:

Here is the research I did on it:


For our main milestone, we were told to write a 1,000 word story, but we only had 2 days to do it! Luckily I worked really hard and got it done really fast. Lastly, we put the story and the artifact description in a book, as well as adding a title, and an about the author page, and that was our whole project! Here is my finished book!


The Missing Turtle Effigy


In the end, I think this was a pretty chill, and fun project to end the year on. I am glad that I got to learn about the history of the land I live on because unlike some other projects, it really interests me and learning about it was very fun!

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