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Poetry Marathon

Poetry Marathon By: CameronBR

This is my E book where there is a bunch of different kind of poems into a digital book here it is!                            EBOOK

Overall in this project I showed who I am in my writing and I feel I really excelled. I never thought I would enjoy poetry but in this project, I fell in love with it.

Besides the EBOOK the project was outstanding because it was just writing poems everyday and I thought that was fabulous and at the end we did a mini exhibition. The requirements for this mini exhibition was to make a poem the morning of the mini exhibition with a group and my teacher assigned us to a random poem. We got a metaphor poem and we hand to make it in 10 minutes and that was very difficult and here was the final product.


Time is a setting sun

Daytime the sun glowing casting the light across the land.

Enjoy the precious moments of daylight for the sun is setting fast.

As the sun retreats darkness seeps into the world.

The pale light barely visible through the clouds and the stars masked in on ominous fog.

It may seem all is lost and the world will be forever dark

But, in the morning the sun will rise again and flood the world with light again.

Now I can answer the driving question.

The driving question for this project is how might I construct text to show who I am right now. We’ve used sunset in this poem to represent our worldview and the beauty of life.


Thanks, CameronBR


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