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Destination Imagination is a project-based experience that encourages creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills. Destination Imagination applies the creative process to help the student teams create their own solutions.

My groups team challenge in DI is called festival frenzy our challenge is based off of improv and festivals. My team is Hannah, Ronan, Caitlin, Kira, and Magnus.  What we have to do is a five minute improv skit including, a character goal a fork in the road and two acts with a break/intermission. The skit should be set on one of these ten festivals that our group has chosen.

Abu Simbel Sun Festival

Buenos Aires Tango Festival

Chinese Lantern Festival

Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling Festival


Marrakech Popular Arts Festival

Timpanogos Storytelling Festival 

White Night Festival


The fork in the road for the challenge will be selected by the judges right before the five minute skit happens same goes for the character goal.

Another thing we have for this challenge is a box set of 10 boxes that’s ready had to get for ourselves. During the act we can use these to help make the skit look better and follow the design of the festival.

We have a team name and it is the Indecisive Improv Troupe. We called it the Indecisive Improv Troupe because when we were trying to make a name we couldn’t agree on anything until one of my group members made up a name that suits our group and thats why we picked it.

For progress on this solution we have built our knowledge and we know the rules of our skit and we are ready to get to generating ideas for our solution.


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