Music: Why it Matters to Me

I was a fan of singing since I could first speak, and now I want to share that interest with others. On this part of my blog, I will talk about my musical history, favourite songs both to sing, listen to, and to play (on instruments), and some vocal techniques. At the end of each blog, I will share a video recording of me singing and/or playing a song.Β 

Today, I’m talking about my favourite songs to sing, and why I’m so passionate about singing. Some of my favourite songs to sing are:

Faded by: Alan Walker is a great chill song to practice and listen to as the lyrics are slightly repetitive and easy to memorize.
Candy Cane Lane by: Sia is a new Christmas song that has caught the eye of many and is also a pretty catchy song to jazz up your merry little Christmas.
House of Memories by: Panic! at the Disco is a very catchy song with an upbeat rhythm that keeps your head bopping the whole time.
Pompeii by Bastille is a song that gives off a reflective tone.

Now I’m going to talk about why I’m so passionate about singing.Β 

I find singing as a way of expressing feelings through vocalization without actually saying how you feel. I find it to be a way of silent release of energy that helps you relax and push away other thoughts. That is why I joined choir. A whole room full of focused and projected energy in perfect harmony. I’m really passionate about singing because there is just no better feeling than hearing a vocalist sing just the right notes to go along with the song and match the notes. That is why I have chosen music to be my β€œGeek Out” topic.

I hope you enjoyed reading my introduction to β€œGeek Out”

My First Music Recording:

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