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My User Manual Reflection

The first project that we did in PLP was a user manual the purpose was to answer the driving question which was ‘how do I creatively  communicate who I am’. It was exciting and fun because we got to lay it out in a robot format meaning we talked in third person and had headings such as troubleshooting. The one of the things I struggled with was being honest it was hard to admit my flaws but once I did I felt better.

Another part of the user manual project was the Memoji laptop you had to but stickers on the Memoji with a laptop and the stickers were things that you liked to do/the things that are you.

So after that how did I answer the driving  question I answered it by being honest on it example


User Guide: Carter Chong


Brand: PLP Student

Model: Carter Chong iOS 1.3

Product Guide

Welcome to your new PLP student Carter Chong IOS 1.3 Your new student comes with features that include:

    • Being happy
    • Hard working
    • Zoning out 
    • General excitement at learning a tech new trick

Getting Started 

Before you start using your new PLP student

you must make sure that Carter is paying attention when your talking.


Carter is accessible during the day and can be found either in the PLP room or the Annex room .


Carter has 3 modes: student, regular person, fun.

Setting:1 Student 

This is the mode that Carter will function in from 8:30am to 4:00pm. Carter will do everything that is instructed from his PLP teachers. Since this mode has been dormant for a while Carter may glitch to fun Carter and or regular person. 

Setting 2: Fun 

If you encounter Carter outside of school with his friends he will be in fun mode.Fun mode consists of a mixture of things that Carter likes to do such as: running around screaming, telling jokes, eating, playing video games, and being dumb. Fun Carter tends to glitch into student mode whenever he sees one of his teachers.

Setting: 3 Regular Person

If you encounter Carter outside of school and he is with his parents he will be in regular person mode. Regular person mode occurs when Carter is: shopping, at  lessons, on a trail hike, or doing anything normal with his parents.


This device may…

  • Zone out if you talk for too long
  • Call out the answer without raising its hand
  • Annoy you with his fidgeting
  • Become distracted from the current topic


Problem Solution 
Carter is not paying attention  Ask him politely to pay attention 
Carter is doing something off task Tell him to get on task

Tips to Maintain Optimal Performance 

Device may respond better to junk food if he is hungry.

Fuel with brisk iced tea (peach).

Talk about books.






Goodbye for now but remember that Carter=Blog

Hello world!

Hello people on the internet

this blog is for school welcome.

I hope you enjoy what I put on it. I’m looking forward to posting.

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