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Laser Laws Blog Post (Scimatics)

Hello people on the internet 

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Yes hello I’m back and reflecting on the final scimatics project and it about lasers

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Anyways this project we learned about two things.  One the law of reflection and two the Pythagorean theorem.   We had to put both of these together and build a right angle triangle out of lasers that followed the Pythagorean theorem and the law of reflection.

So here is the project start mind map               

Yeah so as you can see I had a lot of questions about light and not gonna lie i didn’t really answer most of them.  For example I don’t know if you can change the speed of light or if light can be affected by sound.  But what I did  learn  is that a bright enough light can heat stuff up or that the Pythagorean theorem is A²+B²=C². 

I also learned what the law of reflection is.  The law of reflection states that the incident angle and the reflected angle are the same distance to the normal which is the space in between the incident angle and the reflected.

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Ok its time to write about the core competencies 

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Curricular Competencies:

Number 1 was Communicating and Representing: Represent mathematical ideas in concrete, pictorial, and symbolic forms.

Number 2 was Applying and innovating: Co-operatively design projects

Number 3 was Questioning and predicting: Demonstrate a sustained intellectual curiosity about a scientific topic or problem of personal interest 

Ok lets start with Number 1 

Readers: I hope he failed

Me; For the record I did not fail. Let me explain 

So this is like the math portion and the science one.

Basically we had to use the scientific method when we built a triangle in a simulator .  I got proficiency on this skill because I showed this on Milestone 4 when I put measurements stating the law of reflection and had a equation with Pythagorean theorem thats how I used this skill. Another way I showed this skill was on Milestone 2 which was Qiz on the Pythagorean Therom in which I got 4/5.

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Number 2 was actually building the triangle in with 2 of my classmates Sepaus&Mateo 

We got proficiency because we made a triangle that followed both the law of reflection and the Pythagorean We showed our understanding of this by using correct measurements I.e the distance to the normal from the reflected and incident angle and by doing so we showed our understanding of the law of reflection and by making a right angle triangle we used the Pythagorean theorem. here is our triangle


Number 3 the final one 

Readers: Hey this is the one he did bad on in the last one


So this one was basically a skill that test your focus and if your playing games in class and such. Last project I did not focus and got strikes how I improved this skill is by focussing on the project instead of playing games. For example Instead of playing games when we were working on milestone 4 I worked on Milestone Before we finish I am going to talk about some non milestone stuff we did in this project.

We did this one stepping stone that was a wavelength simulation and we had to set the damping slider to none and the tension slider to high and the fill out a work sheet it’s purpose was to teach us about electromagnetic radiation and wavelengths.  What I learned from this experiment is that electromagnetic radiation can be measured is wavelengths.

So thats it 

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So thats it folks Goodbye and remember that Carter=Blog