Student Blogging Challenge Day 7

Hello and welcome back to my blog and day 7 of the student Blogging Challenge its about emojis yay anyways enjoy


Once upon time there was a 🍦shop

Everyday people would order and eat this 🍦ice cream

Until one day a 🐖 came and broke into the 🍦 place and ate all of it

Because of that the 🐖 died and a 👼Angel  came to collect its dead fat body 

Because of that the people were 🤣because there was a fat dead pig in the shop 

Because of that a  magic 🎩 was called to hide that body

Because of that everybody in the shop 😵 passed out from the smell 

And ever since that day 🐵 people took over the world 

The end

So thats it and it’s pretty short but it’s pretty interesting I think good bye and remember that


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