Student Blogging Challenge Day 9 (Holiday Fun)

Welcome back to another blogging challenge today we are talking about holidays and stuffs

First off I agree with this person named Cooper  about how Friday’s are a holiday that I celebrate and they are epic. 

Now on to Christmas.  In my family we eat food at my grandmas house and then go home and sleep till 5 wake up open presents then head to my aunts house for breakfast. Then head home and chill..  

Now on to a rhyme/poems 

Roses are red Christmas green we eat food and so should you. 


Goodbye And don’t forget that Car†er=BøLg


  1. Hi Carter, I really enjoyed reading your post about how Friday’s are epic. I would agree with that completely. I also enjoyed your poem vey much.

    Max Rasmussen.

  2. I enjoyed it *very much, not vey

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