Student Blogging Challenge Day 11 (Last Day) Reflection

Hello welcome back to the final day of student blogging challenge.

Today is a reflection day for all student blogging challenge days.

My participation in this has been good I’ve done all the days and revised when asked to. Most of them were quality posts. 


So to look back on it all it was fun probably the most fun I’ve had (while writing blogs). 

 My favourite thing was probably day 7 because using the emojis to tell a story was so much fun.  It was a cool experience and taught me more on how to communicate in other forms of writing. 

To reflect on it all it was a good thing because it taught me how to go deeper and learn how to better communicate on my site with you guys my wonderful readers. 

Now the link to the category is here.

How I think I improved my blogging skills. I think I improved them by learning to mix professionalism and humour together. Example the Readers they were funny but as some of you said they take away from the learning and reflecting. So I got rid of them on school related posts but I still bring humour by putting riddles and memes and the I’m Bored posts. 

So now that this over I’m going to still try and post about non school related stuff through the I’m bored posts link here – bored. 

I might talk about stuff such as 

  • Food
  • Sports 
  • Books
  • Riddles
  • Puzzles 

And other stuff to make your brain hurt. 

Now new business I got this certificate for student Blogging Challenge and I’m going to  put it here because why not it looks dope.

So I know what your thinking oh wow what a nice certificate. And I says thanks. And thanks to all of you people for  reading and answering my riddles special thanks to Cooper Noah and Theryn(links to there blogs are there names) for participating in the riddles and giving me feedback. 

So its been fun but I’m tried and my fingers hurt so Goodbye and don’t forget that CARTER=Blog.

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