Continuity Through Trade (The More Things Change)

Hi guess who’s here its me yeah so you know  what time it is. It’s REFLECTION TIME YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

So this project is called “The More Things Change” and the final product of this is a video 






So yeah there’s the video now how we got there so this was a partner project link 👉 Aaron’s Blog. So anyways this project like all of our projects had a driving question this one was:”What did European settlement mean for all the people involved” meaning when Europeans came to North America and South America what did that mean for them and the indigenous peoples. Alright I will answer the driving question at the end.

Which means you know what time it is its Core Competences time yay

So there were 2 competences a english one and a socials one.

English: so the english one was use evidence meaning we say something and then have to back it up with evidence like every fact that I say is what I learned in school.  So I showed this in Milestone 2.Milestone 2 was a a chart that we had to fill out about continuity and change form European exploration we each had a section to do and then our group members gave us other sections of the chart.  So this relates to using evidence because we had to make sure that our facts were historically accurate. 

Socials one was: identifying continuity and change. 

Meaning in historical events can I see if there are continuity from that event to today.  And can I find the changes from a event to now. I struggled with this competency because I didn’t really understand what continuity and change meant until Milestone 3. So because of that on Milestone 1 I didn’t do so well as I did not understand part of the assignment. Milestone 1 was we found a place outside on school grounds. And just free thought wrote about how the lives and conditions of the people that were they at the time of settlement have changed over time. 

So now the part you have all been waiting for (teachers) evidence of my learning and answer to the driving question so again the driving question was:”What Did European Settlement Mean For All The People Involved”.  So I think it meant for the Europeans we have new land and new colonies hooray and now we have access to a bunch of new raw materials that we didn’t have before. But for the First Peoples they saw 2 things 1.being that they two could trade for new items I.e the gun but they also saw it as the Europeans taking away there land and the culture.

Now for my favourite part of the project was the Fur Trade Simulation. So first off we were assigned different groups of people the: North West Company.Hudson Bay Company were the European groups and  two first peoples groups were the: Haudenosaunee Nation and the Ouendat Nation. So then we each took turn and one First Peoples group would approach either HBC NWC and offer stuff to them and vice versa when it was the European traders turn.


And so as we approach the end of this project we had to put your infographics up in widows around the school so Aaron and I put ours up in the library and then took a picture.





So thats it in case you missed it here the video again




And also a image of the infographic 




Alright goodbye for now and don’t forget that Carter=Blog.


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