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Continuity Through Trade (The More Things Change)

Hi guess who’s here its me yeah so you know  what time it is. It’s REFLECTION TIME YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

So this project is called “The More Things Change” and the final product of this is a video 






So yeah there’s the video now how we got there so this was a partner project link 👉 Aaron’s Blog. So anyways this project like all of our projects had a driving question this one was:”What did European settlement mean for all the people involved” meaning when Europeans came to North America and South America what did that mean for them and the indigenous peoples. Alright I will answer the driving question at the end.

Which means you know what time it is its Core Competences time yay

So there were 2 competences a english one and a socials one.

English: so the english one was use evidence meaning we say something and then have to back it up with evidence like every fact that I say is what I learned in school.  So I showed this in Milestone 2.Milestone 2 was a a chart that we had to fill out about continuity and change form European exploration we each had a section to do and then our group members gave us other sections of the chart.  So this relates to using evidence because we had to make sure that our facts were historically accurate. 

Socials one was: identifying continuity and change. 

Meaning in historical events can I see if there are continuity from that event to today.  And can I find the changes from a event to now. I struggled with this competency because I didn’t really understand what continuity and change meant until Milestone 3. So because of that on Milestone 1 I didn’t do so well as I did not understand part of the assignment. Milestone 1 was we found a place outside on school grounds. And just free thought wrote about how the lives and conditions of the people that were they at the time of settlement have changed over time. 

So now the part you have all been waiting for (teachers) evidence of my learning and answer to the driving question so again the driving question was:”What Did European Settlement Mean For All The People Involved”.  So I think it meant for the Europeans we have new land and new colonies hooray and now we have access to a bunch of new raw materials that we didn’t have before. But for the First Peoples they saw 2 things 1.being that they two could trade for new items I.e the gun but they also saw it as the Europeans taking away there land and the culture.

Now for my favourite part of the project was the Fur Trade Simulation. So first off we were assigned different groups of people the: North West Company.Hudson Bay Company were the European groups and  two first peoples groups were the: Haudenosaunee Nation and the Ouendat Nation. So then we each took turn and one First Peoples group would approach either HBC NWC and offer stuff to them and vice versa when it was the European traders turn.


And so as we approach the end of this project we had to put your infographics up in widows around the school so Aaron and I put ours up in the library and then took a picture.





So thats it in case you missed it here the video again




And also a image of the infographic 




Alright goodbye for now and don’t forget that Carter=Blog.


Land Ho (Arrgh Matey Summative Post)

Good day to all of you. You wonderful people. I’m back reflecting on a project about pirates (oh wow) so pirates pirates have been around for a long time dating all the way back to the 1500s and from 1650 -1720 is what most people consider “the golden age of piracy”.  But what might surprise you is that pirates are still active and alive today.  Most pirates are active just off the coast of Somalia on the Horn of Africa   



Yeah so to start this project we watched movie called “Captain Phillips” its about pirates off the coast of Somalia who highjacked the “Maersk Alabama”. It’s a true story. If you want you can learn more about it here:link and here: link. 

So what this project was really about was the “Age of Exploration basically when Europeans discovered North America and South America. So in 1000A.D. Leif Erikson Landed in North America now your thinking who the heck is Leif Erikson (probably not). Leif Erikson was a Viking he landed in what we now call Newfoundland. But then he left. Then much much later Christopher Columbus sailed in 1492 trying to discover a new trade route in India. He thought he found it when he landed the Guanahani (Bahamas) 

So Core competencies now.  

#1 was a social studies one called Analyze cause and consequence.  Something happened and what was the consequence or the outcome. For example when Europeans landed in the Americas(thats the cause) they brought lots of diseases to the natives (thats the consequence).   I showed this skill in Milestone 1 when we made a very simple web of cause and consequence 







# 2 was a maker empowered leaner. How can I use technology responsibly to construct knowledge. Meaning can I be effective and responsible with my device to construct a object or picture or video. I struggled with this because there was drawing and colouring involved with this one. I have trouble with drawing and colouring. This was also part of Milestone 1 as we had to create a video with this software (hint the final project uses this software) AR maker so we messed around with it to make sure we knew how to use It. 

#3 was a English discussing listening and speaking.  So can you use the English language to effectively state your purpose and explain your video 

Now onto the driving question.  So the driving question was “What was the impact of global exploration”.  So to answer that I think the impact of global exploration was mostly positive. I this because well if it weren’t for the Europeans north and south America would not be as technologically advanced and physically advanced as we are today. So yeah thats my answer. 

Anyways the final stepto this project was to make a video using AR maker and in said video talk about European exploration. And the video story had to be told using a cause and consequence format. 




So there’s the video hope you enjoy and don’t forget if you ever find yourself with a pirate look and eye not the eyepatch (carter=blog). 



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How It Started How Its Going (Summative)

Hello welcome back to another blog post today I am going to be reflecting on a Humanities project called How It Started How It’s Going this was for a exhibition which means we work and then show it off to the whole the world so we did it this year virtually on a free website called art steps.  So the driving question was: What can we learn from the past,and why does that matter to us today. More on that later.

So the core competencies. For English 8 the core competency was responding to text which means that you construct a original piece of art and establish a creative connection between yourself and the text. I showed this in milestone one because in my original meme showed a cloud and a rainbow that is personal to me because those were my marks and it’s original because I didn’t see it done by anybody else. And it is critical because It shows growth and self improvement. 

For the second and Maker 8 competency was: Empowered Learner, How might I use technology to construct knowledge?  I demonstrated this best in a stepping stone where we used SuperimposeX to photoshop our final meme here’s what mine looked like  so I used SuperimposeX and created something cool original and epic. In case you were wondering my painting is called “A Renaissance Man” by Giuseppe Maria Mitelli created in 1675. 

For the 3rd and final competency it was a socials 8 and it was: Establish Historical Significance: How do we make choices about what is worth remembering?  Meaning everything we do has a impact and we chose to remember significant events of those moments.  I best demonstrated this in  Milestone 6 when I helped one of my group members write the voice over about the Black Plague. 

Ok now the answer to the driving question in my opinion is: what we can learn from the past and why does it matter to us today.on the choices we make like in art we draw inspiration from people like Leonardo Da Vinci his art influences us in many ways. One way it influences us is where we travel some people might want to visit the Louvre to Mona Lisa. Or artists might draw similar ideas or use the same colours as in his paintings.  We also constructed a Book Creator guide which is here:

Worldview Collages: Museum Companion

Here is my final meme 



And the museum

So That’s it people Goodbye and don’t forget that çåR†eR=bLøG

Medium Is The Message Final Learning Portfolio


Medium Is The Message Final Learning Portfolio Post

This project was all about advertisement e had to create our own advertisement about a local place 

Hi my name is Carter and this is my blog a few things first

I will not have comas in this post and there might be a few run on sentences.

Now on to the blog post

So for this blog post we had to answer the driving  question which was: How Does What We Hear influence us? 

More on that later

Ok so for  Milestone 2 we had find and analyze a piece of historical media and write a small paragraph on it.  Here is a link to my ad Burger King this was part of one of the 4 core competencies used in this project this one uses taking a historical perspective. 


Milestone 5 was the most annoying thing in history because I had to revise it a million times ( more like 5) anyways Milestone 5 was about comprehending texts ( this was one of 4 competencies used in this project) So we had to analyze a book called: Gospel According To Larry and a Marshal McLuhan text and then use examples from both to answer the question: how does the medium influence the message. This was a good example of comprehending texts because we had to search for clues to get the answer.

Milestone 6

Milestone 6 was the final Milestone and we had to finalize our ads ( We did our on Local lift )

This represents the last 2 competencies because we had to create a ad for our business 

Final Advertisement

so this represents the last 2 because there was designing involved.  Obviously we had to design the ad and include pictures and colours and more.

Now the answer to the driving question is: everything we hear read and see influences us in some way in ways like how we behave or how we shop or how we just go about our daily lives.

So here we are at the end.  So you may have noticed that there was a original post then a short angry one now this. I was frustrated because I kept getting more and more feedback on this post and eventually I just got mad and wrote a angry post and to my teachers I apologize.

Ok I’m going now and don’t forget Carter=Blog.


Milestone 1 Milestone 2 Milestone 3 Reflection

Hi its me again your probably tired of this already BUT here I am back with another reflection 

So our project is to create a piece of advertisement for a local business our business was the Local Lift in parkgate. So what we’ve had to do so far is make 3 drafts of a ad for our business. We also had to make a number spreadsheet and put ads on it. We also learned about techniques and appeals for advertisement. Another thing we did was find pieces of historical media and list the techniques and appeals they used in it and then write a paragraph on the ad.

Here are my 3 advertisement drafts. 

These drafts were challenging at first but got easier as time went. The numbers spreadsheet was kinda annoying at first because you had to add to it every week but as I got used to it it was easier. Milestone 1 which was a paragraph of a video we watched in class was fun but challenging. Milestone 2 was a ad paragraph and it was pretty hard. Milestone 3 was the same thing but harder and it definitely was. Now here are my ads for Local Lift



Draft 3                                    Draft 2                                      Draft 1

That is it but remember that Carter=Blog.