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Book Review(I’m bored #4)

Book 👏Review 👏  

Good Morning/Goodnight/Good Afternoon to you all

Today I’m doing a book review of a book that I read recently : Eragon 

So I’m really to lazy to give you a summary so click the link——>link to get it. 

Also the author of the book is: Christopher Paolini. 

So quick disclaimer this is MY opinion you are welcome to have your own opinion this is just how I feel about the book.  Another note is this is the first book in a 4 book series called the Inheritance Cycle so if you like this I will make a part 2 on the second book and the 3rd one once I finish reading it.

So the category’s I’m using 

  1. Plot
  2. Action i.e overall battle scenes 
  3. Character development 
  4. Character description 
  5. Length of book ( how long the book is the more pages the better) 
  6. And genre 

Rated on a scale of 1-10 and again this is my opinion you are entitled to your own opinion. And FYI these rating will be added up into a final score and they are not mathematically correct and its just a average. 

So on plot I give it a 7.5/10

Action 7/10

Character development I give it a 8/10

Character description is 7/10

Length of book 7/10

Genre is fantasy and I give it 6/10

Overall score 8.5 out of 10

So yeah thats the book it pretty epic definitely recommend reading it 

So anyways goodbye and don’t forget the Carter=book which = book review ta ta 

I’m Bored #3

Boredom, Boredom, I am boredom. 

Hello people I am back and still very bored let me explain. 

So I was supposed to go skiing today but then my ski boots were to small so now I’m stuck inside with nothing to do and the mountains and gorgeous snow and stuffs. So yeah that’s why I’m bored. Readers:oooooooof rip skiing is fun 

Me:yes I know 

Anyways todays topic is Random stuff

















Figure out what that meant tell me in the comments 

Readers:what??? The heck does that mean

Me:you will have to find out and guess

Readers:but I don’t like using my brain 

Me:to bad 


 Ok a hint its a form of poetry

Anyways thats all I’m slightly less bored now so victory anyways 

Bye and remember that Çårter=bO®eD

I’m Bored #2

When your bored and you know clap your hands 👏👏👏👏👏

Hello and welcome back to a I’m bored blog post todays topic is IDKish

Today’s one I’m going to be using a emoji generator to tell a story (kind of like

Blogging challenge day 7) anyways enjoy

So in the 7845 littering was illegal 

But one ☀️ day a random person named Sylvester littered he was put on trial but he escaped using a tennis🎾 and then he went home to his partner and 😘 them and then left moments later the 👮‍♀️ broke in and accidentally killed Sylvester partner once Sylvester heard the news he was very 😞 so sad that he bought lots and lots of  🍔 and buried him self in them 


Readers: RIP  Sylvester


Anyways thanks for reading 

Don’t forget that I’m still bored and that your bored and we’re bored 

Cheese bored 



Goodbye and remember that Carter=Bored 

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I’m Bored #1

So the purpose of this post is when I’m bored and have nothing better to do I will write a post about something random

Readers: Cool

Me: Yeah

Also for all school blog posts the Readers are not going to be there because some people think they take away from the reflection and learning and I agree with them.

Anyways todays topic will be Drum roll please

Readers: no

Me: why not

Readers: because 


so todays topic is random stuffs meaning I will have a couple of random topics.


So cheese. Cheese is a food that comes from cows and it is actually not orange by nature

Readers: really??

Me: yeah straight from the cow its white but but here in North America we dye it orange

Readers: GROSS

Me:yeah kinda

Readers: I thought cheese cam from orange cows 

Me: Really

Readers: yes

Me: wow

Cheese is something people can enjoy plain or on cracker or mixed into something like lasagna so


so thats it for I’m bored #1 see y’all next time don’t forget that

Readers: Carter=blog

Me: exactly bye

Readers: bye

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