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Growth Mindset Learning Portfolio Post

Hello people I’m back and talking about growth mindset 

What is growth mindset?? Growth mindset is when you always keep trying when you fail you really yourself “I can’t do this yet” an example for me would be I can’t draw nicely YET”

We were also asked to make a quote about us and how we’re going to grow our mindset about one thing” Listening to the speaker so I can make a deeper connection with my learning.”  This means that I’m going to learning more by looking at the speaker before for me if I’m not looking at the person I’m not really listening.

So anyways for this growth mindset stuff our teacher asked us to keep a journal in Book Creator about each aspect of growth mindset the aspects are: Grit, learning, mindset, Belief, failure. 


Grit means that you never give up no matter what a example for me is piano I’m not great at it YET but I don’t give up. And I know that eventually if I practice enough I will gradually improve.


Learning means the you well learn from your mistakes. You don’t just try the same things over and over and over again. I show this in visual spacing when I try to draw things my spacing is always a bit off so I’ve LEARNED to always use a ruler when draw line and box’s, and other things like that. 


I mentioned Mindset before and I’m going to again because it’s important. “Why you ask” .

Because Mindset plays a huge role in learning and developing and growth MINDSET its right there. 


Belief is important because if you believe in yourself it makes things you less likely to quit or get frustrated. If you believe in something it will be easier for you to strive for your goal and accomplish it. 


This is probably the most important one if you don’t fail then you don’t learn you probably thinking”failing is bad thats what I was taught”. Failure is good it means that your trying something new and that your learning if you fail at something then try again. As my teachers say “F.A.I.L First Attempt In Learning”

Another thing we were asked to do was create a selfie with our quote

So after all that here is my book creator journal


Carters Growth Mindset

Alright that’s enough for today 

Goodbye and don’t forget that çarter=growth mindset