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Thank you for coming to listen about my learning. I am an expert on my own learning. I am responsible for my learning and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my… Continue Reading →

Beyond the Canvas: The Gogh Getters Journey Through Destination Imagination

Destination Imagination (DI) Regionals 2024, my group members and I have been working hard for the last couple months for the DI tournament. Check out my group members blogs: Kira, Caden, Aiya and Melissa! This was my first time ever… Continue Reading →

Rise of the Frankenstuffies: Gertrude and the Stolen Stone

Have you ever torn an apart a couple stuffies, took the different parts and sewed them back together to create a Frankenstuffie? Here’s the creative chaos of learning about The Rise of the Frankenstuffies, Humanities project.  Here is Gertrude:  … Continue Reading →

The Real Louis Riel

The last Humanities project for semester one was about how Louis Riel has been portrayed. I had to create three paragraphs to represent and show how Riel has been portrayed over time. I also learned how to create a strong… Continue Reading →

My Journey Through History: 2024 Winter Exhbition

Winter Exhibition 2024 was all about the different revolutions we have learned. I got to learn all about the Russian Revolution, more specifically the October Revolution.    Our driving question was “How do ideas drive change?”   Ideas drive change… Continue Reading →

Mysterious Notes and Missing Faces: You’re Next a Thriller Short Film

Recently in the school many people have been disappearing. A group of friends meet up with each other and talk about it. Esther then goes to her locker and finds a mysterious note. What does the note say on it?… Continue Reading →

Building Trust and Reaching New Heights: Loon Lake Retreat Reflection

The goal for this trip was to gain trust with my classmates. I definitely did that and I got closer with them. The Loon Lake retreat was a great experience for me because of how much I learned about myself… Continue Reading →

Geek Out

Geek Out About Outer Banks The TV Show – The Surprising Story Of Outer Banks What You Should Know About Outer Banks:   Outer banks is an action, thriller, adventure, mystery, drama and suspenseful series on Netflix. In season one,… Continue Reading →

What My Day Looked Like Working At A Custom Finishing Shop – As A Student

Imagine bringing your kid, or going to work with your parent for a day, doing their work, learning about what life is outside of school, that’s what I did for take your kid to work day. For take your kid… Continue Reading →

Alberta’s Past and Present – Rocky Mountain Reflection

A field trip to Alberta with my classmates we went. Driving through the twisted roads that laid ahead. The scenic views, my face said it all with it being amused. The bright colourful lakes that looked so fake. The bright… Continue Reading →

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