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Small But Mighty Reflection

 The project I am reflecting on is called Small But Mighty project. I learned how to use a Petri dish, and how fast bacteria can grow. Also about the eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells. I learned about our immune system characters,… Continue Reading →

Reflection Of The European Exploration

 For the European Exploration project I learned a lot more about the explorer Jacques Cartier the most because I created a book about him. I also learned a bit about Christopher Columbus, Vasco Da Gama, and John Cabot. The explorers… Continue Reading →

MPOL 2023

Reflection Of My Learning Thank you for coming to listen about my learning. I am an expert on my own learning. I am responsible for my learning and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an… Continue Reading →

The Triptych Radical Innovations

    I Have learned many things from learning about the renaissances, to more about how the triptych works. I learned how much of an impact the renaissance art have impacted todays art. I also learned more about the innovations… Continue Reading →

Charlie’s Cool Creations Book

Here is my Cool Creations Book of all of the drawings I have done over the past week! I have learned many different ways of how to draw things so they look more realistic and eye catching. Before we started… Continue Reading →

The Exiting Winter Exhibition Of 2022 Avatar Edition

For my first Winter Exhibition, I have learned many things. From learning to to be quick but still giving enough information to the people. Or how to build my bow with certain materials. Here are some things that I found… Continue Reading →

Making Interesting Images

When we first started to learn about all the different things you could do with the camera I found it very fastening. I was very familiar with all the things you could do and how to edit them, but I… Continue Reading →

Becoming A PLP Learner

Who am I as a PLP learner? I am a positive learner who is always open to learn new things and try to push myself as much as I can. I love to try to use different techniques to help… Continue Reading →


Hi, welcome to my blog post about me, Charlie! This is where I share my work.

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