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Geek Out About Outer Banks The TV Show

The Surprising Story Of Outer Banks What You Should Know About Outer Banks:   Outer banks is an action, thriller, adventure, mystery, drama and suspenseful series on Netflix. In season one, a group of teenagers who call them selves the… Continue Reading →

What My Day Looked Like Working At A Custom Finishing Shop – As A Student

Imagine bringing your kid, or going to work with your parent for a day, doing their work, learning about what life is outside of school, that’s what I did for take your kid to work day. For take your kid… Continue Reading →

Alberta’s Past and Present – Rocky Mountain Reflection

A field trip to Alberta with my classmates we went. Driving through the twisted roads that laid ahead. The scenic views, my face said it all with it being amused. The bright colourful lakes that looked so fake. The bright… Continue Reading →

The Rocky Mountains and Memories

Do you love videography, photography and editing? Or you want to learn more about it. That was our first project for Maker. Using different angles, lighting, exposures. All of those things to make a great video or photo!   Silent… Continue Reading →

Portfolio of Media Learning

Spring Exhibition Blog Post:   How does advertising persuade, sell, and influence society? Advertising uses persuasive techniques, such as using emotions and celebrities to help grow their product, to convince people to buy their items or take on… Continue Reading →

TPOL 2023

Beginning/ Introduction:     Thank you for coming to listen about my learning. I am an expert on my own learning. I am responsible for my learning and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an… Continue Reading →

Spring Exhibition 2023

 Pathways, spring exhibition. Our driving question for this exhibition was how does advertising persuade, sell, and influence society? I created an ad, to advertise Clarks Restaurant in Washington. My classmates and I went down to Oregon on a field study… Continue Reading →

My First Field Study To Oregon Reflection

 This was my first PLP trip for grade 8! My class and I went on a field study to Oregon that I just came back from. It was amazing to go and learn about so many things. We went to… Continue Reading →

Consequences Of Colonization Reflection

For this project called Consequences Of Colonization I learned many things about how the worldview changed, and the consequences of the change for the world.   The driving question: what did European settlement mean for all involved? When the Europeans… Continue Reading →

Blog Post Reflection Mind Over Matter

 For the Mind Over Matter project I first learned about who am I?, gummy bear diffusion, and the video game. I learned more about matter, the different states of matter and atoms in general.     For my first keystone for… Continue Reading →

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