Who am I as a PLP learner?

I am a positive learner who is always open to learn new things and try to push myself as much as I can. I love to try to use different techniques to help me learn, to see if they help me more, so I can use them in the future. I love to also look back on my mistakes and see what I did wrong and try to fix them. 

After we added all of our ‘I am…’ sentences, we had to add those words into the app WordPack. From my WordPack I learned I am way more things than I thought I was. I learned how to use the app, but also more about myself. I learned many things from looking back on work I did in the past and see what I can improve on. When I saw all the things I am, it made me think that I have learned all these things from others and that I have helped others with things they now might enjoy like I do. The point of creating an image in WordPack was to get to know the app along with yourself.

In my big life journal we were learning all sorts of things. But apart of it was the dream board. We had make a dream board of things you would like to do in the future. My dream board has taught me who I want to be in the future and who I am now. I’ve always wanted to travel the world when I’m older, and just adding that little bit to my dream board made me want to look up the places I want to go. Along with volleyball. When I added all those photos to my dream board it made me want to learn how to do all those things. The point of the dream board was to set goals and achieve them over time. 

Also in the big life journal we had to also create a bucket list that one day you will do. When I created my bucket list it made me want to learn more things. I learned from making it that anything is possible as long as you try hard and not over think it. For the bucket list, the point of it was create goals, and find ways to reach them. 

For my user manual you had to pretend you were a device and write about all the things you are, and about yourself. When I was making my user manual I learned a lot about myself from it. Since it was all about me, I really thought and figured out who I am. One of the parts of the user manual was then warnings of this device. I really liked doing that part because I can look back on all the things that I might do when I haven’t slept well or eaten enough and see if maybe I can change that. The point of the assignment was how to use pages along with seeing what learner you are. 

For my Memoji I had to use keynote to create my Memoji with a laptop. But it was mostly about putting my personalized photos on the laptop, and using the keynote shapes. On my Memoji I put photos of my hobbies and things I love which represents me on my laptop. I learned how to use keynote even better then before. The point of the assignment was to learn how to use keynote, but mostly how to change the shapes different colours and how to add borders. 

So far PLP had taught me so many things. I have learned how to use so many more apps then before. We have done many more projects, like a digital selfie for practicing different ways to take a photo on your iPad. Another project was creating a YouTube channel in my big life journal. I had to choose something I am passionate about and create a YouTube channel about it. I’m so exited to learn more things! Thanks for reading!