When we first started to learn about all the different things you could do with the camera I found it very fastening. I was very familiar with all the things you could do and how to edit them, but I learned new terms on what things are called.

How Do You Use A Still Image To Create And Communicate Through?

  You can use a still image to create and communicate through it by adding action and different emotions to your photo. To make your photos have more action in it, you can do that by adding movement. Creating a blurred effect for example like moving while taking the photo, or freezing in a position that looks like you are moving, makes the picture look more real and adds action. Another way you can do this is by adding different emotions to the photo. You can make different facial expressions like make a sad face. When you make a sad face or any other emotion, it should relate to what is happening in the photo, specifically in the background. If I take a photo of myself being happy in a sad place, it doesn’t make the photo look real or right. When you take a photo using emotions it should make sense with what is happening. When you are taking a photo using action and you aren’t moving, you should make it look like you are. 

What Three Skills You Found The Most Useful And Why?

  I found being able to know how to use the lighting correctly was very useful. I found that useful because the lighting can change how the photo looks. If you were to take a photo of a person and they were standing in-front of a window with a lot of lighting shining through, it would be hard to see the person compared to when the window is in-front of them and they get the light shinning at them then behind them. When the light is behind you it is hard to see details of the photo then when it is in-front of you to capture the details. Another skill I found very useful was using different angles. When using different angles it can be fun to try using them like a birds eye angle or worms eye view. It can create a whole new photo when using different angles. For an example when I had to recreate a photo from the past, I tried a different angles and the photo looked very different compared to the other photo. Lastly another skill I found most useful was being able to know how to use different effects like low exposer, mark-up, self timer, etc. When knowing to use those things it can make your photo more interesting or it can make it look like it has more action or emotion.

Here is my slide show I made in Keynote about all the things I learned about the camera:

When we were learning about the camera, I learned many things that I now use when I take my photos. From adjusting the exposer, using mark-up or trying out all the different filters, I learned it made some of my photos more interesting or more like myself.