For my first Winter Exhibition, I have learned many things. From learning to to be quick but still giving enough information to the people. Or how to build my bow with certain materials. Here are some things that I found difficult, easy, what I have learned, my favourite thing about it, and if I could change one thing for the exhibition.


-One of the hardest parts for me when creating my project, was when I didn’t know where to start. When I was trying to figure out what to do first, I realized that I need to get the exact measurements for the tree, so it can fit inside my box. Or when I had to figure out what and where to make the Avatar land with, (the inside of my box). At the very beginning, when we had to draw what we were going to build, I found that hard because I really had to think about it, and for it to relate to my theme statement. Another hard part when presenting to the people at the exhibition was when telling them enough information to fully understand my project and why I chose it, but also not talking to fast or for too long. 

-The easiest part for me when building my box was when I had everything figured out and I have already started to build it. Once I knew what to do and how to do it, I got into the rhythm and it became easier and easier each time. When presenting my project, I found after the first couple people I knew exactly what to say, so it came easy to me and I could explain it very well. 

-My favourite part of the exhibition was seeing the final product of my box. It made me very happy how much I can accomplish if I put my mind to it. I put a lot of time into my project, and to see it look amazing made me happy!

-If I could change one thing about what I could have done better is if I didn’t leave building my box the last couple days. Instead of spreading my time out, I left it to the last couple days. 

-What I learned from this experience is that I need to practice my time management. I also learned that many of my mistakes made my project better, and to change my design so it is easier to see is fine. 


I can’t wait for the next exhibition! Especially for the ones in grade 9, so I can help out with the grade 8s!