This is my triptych I have made with all of the radical innovations that were invented before, during and after the renaissance.



 The ideas form Europe and Asia change the world by making our world more educated, and the innovations have helped our lives in many different ways. To this day, the innventions has helped many people become more educated. We had to make a triptych that relates to the driving question: how did the ideas from Europe and Asia change the world? A triptych is an art piece that has three different panels, a left, centre and right panel. A triptych is a still image, that usually the two side fold into the middle panel. I will be talking about how the Innavations created in the renaissances have helped us today.


Paragraph For Left Panel – The New Ideas From The Renaissance Changed The World By:

 The new ideas form the renaissance changed the world by helping many people become more educated so they could use that knowledge to make many more innovations. A couple of the innavations that were invented were the clock, printing press, lenses, 95 Theses, artwork, and medical textbooks. On the left panel of my triptych, I have put the printitng press beacause it helped spread information that could educate many people. The printing press was such an amazing Innavation and it changed the world because if there wasn’t a printing press, then people would still be copying other information by hand. Lenses have helped many people during the renaissances for science and everyday life. Since the lense was invented, telescopes have helped scientists understand space and how the earth works. Medical textbooks have helped saved many peoples lives, and there was new surgical innavations made, that they then shared through the textbooks. The 95 Theses was a very important part of the Renaissances beacuse it resulted in the Refromation. The Reformation gave people more freedom and weren’t as controlled by the Church. The artwork during the renissances was mostly about religion. Many tequeniques formed during that time and has helped many discover art. Lastly the clock was a very big Innavation beacuse then people could record time better, it also made life easier. All of these innavations were very helpful, and still very helpful to do this.


Paragraph For Right Panel – The Traditional Ideas That People Had Before The Renaissance Show:

 The traditional ideas that people had before the renaissance show that many people during the renaissance didn’t feel motivated or as educated as they could have been. Some innavations made before the renaissance that I put in my right panel triptych are the sundial, maganifineglass, artwork, a book during that time, and a person creating/ copying information by hand. The sundial was a very important Innavation that was created because if there wasn’t the sundial created, then there probably wouldn’t be the clock. The sundial also helped with growing crops, and other food. Before there was the lense was invented, the magnifying glass took the over the roll. The maginifineglass was used just like glasses, accept you had to hold the maginfinegalss, and it was a pain to, especially if you had to copy information to get the word out. Artwork wasn’t as big before the renaissance, and by comaparing the work from then to before the renaissance, I dont see much of a change. The books had to be hand written since there was no printing press. So, it could have been hard to get out information and even read the handwriting. Just like I said, there was no printing press before the renissances and if you wanted to educate people through the book, it would take a long time too write out. Many peoples hand would hurt from writing all day, luckily someone invented the printing press to quickly and easlily inform people. Many of these innovations made before the renaissance were very helpful, but when other people thought of an easier way to do things, it changed the world forever.


Paragraph For Centre Panel – The New Ideas From The Renaissance Changed My World Today By:

 The new ideas from the renaissance changed my world today by making many things easier, like getting information out on electronics instead of a longer way of finding and learning information by word. The innavations made during the renaissance, that have now been reformed and improved are kindle, tv, laptop, Apple Watch, blue light glasses, and artwork, (the artwork haven’t been improved, it’s now just a different form). The kindle is where you can read many different books in one. With the kindle you can read in the dark since of the light, how long it will take to finish the book, etc. I use the kindle, and I love it. It’s very versatile, and is even water proof. From paper to an electronic, you can read anywhere on any electronic now. The TV is a great way to find information from videos, to live TV. On my centre panel the tv represents how news can easily be spread to billions of people, not just through the tv, also a phone, laptop, Apple Watch, etc. The Apple Watch is supposed to represent the clock. It’s basically a mini phone, but for your wrist. Instead of trying to find a clock or sundial in your town, you can now just look on your apple watch to tell the time, weather, etc. Since we now live in a world where electronics is basically our life, we have to adapt and create new innovations. All the way from a maginfineglass to eyeglasses to blue light glasses, the blue light glasses have helped people from getting headaches and their eyes hurting from looking at their electronics for too long. They are a big help, especially if you work a computer all day long. Lastly, the artwork compared to the renissances to now is similar but also very different. The artwork during the renissances was mostly about religion, and the artwork today is mostly abstract work. Since the 95 Theses and the Reformation, the artwork has changed a lot. Also it has changed the way people see art since some of the reinnsances art. It’s crazy how much we rely on electronics and use them to do this day. I am very thankful for all these different electronics, but it is also not the best. 



 Before and after the renaissance has changed the world in so many ways. The Ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world by being able to create more innavations from the ones made during that time. The innavations have helped the world a lot. I can’t wait to see what some innavations made from this time will look like when they are going to be improved and modernized.


I Have learned many things from learning about the renaissances, to more about how the triptych works. I learned how much of an impact the renaissance art have impacted todays art. I also learned more about the innovations that were created before and during the renaissances.


If I could change one thing about my triptych, I would try to blend in more of the printing press in the left panel. After I finished my left panel, I realized I could easily just erase the background instead of trying to blend in the photo.


To make my triptych I first had to learn about the innovations made before and during the time of the renaissances. I then took that information and made a draft of what I think my triptych should look like. I had to plan out what was going on each panel. I drew a rough draft of my triptych, and in the end, a lot of it changed. I started to make my left, then right and lastly the centre panel. I then decided to change a couple of things and then made this blog post!