Destination Imagination (DI) Regionals 2024, my group members and I have been working hard for the last couple months for the DI tournament. Check out my group members blogs: Kira, Caden, Aiya and Melissa! This was my first time ever doing DI, read all about my experience. 

    My theme was Fine Arts. Our team choice element number 1 was the song. The song shows how music and actions can help make someone’s day. Doing a simple act lead to the main character in tears to receive their paint. The team choice element number 2 was the art piece props. I made them to put on the backdrop so it wouldn’t be so plain. Adding those drawings I made on my iPad made the scene more realistic and made it come to life. The static character was Emily and the dynamic character was Tina. Emily loves art and all throughout the play she try’s to convince Tina to understand how beautiful art is. It took some time for Tina to like it, until she went on the journey and saw how art cheered people up. Our reimagined art was the spoken word poetry. The poem shows the process of Tina’s journey from not liking art, to slowly developing a love for it. Many artists like Vincent Van Gogh show emotion through his pieces in a creative way. Our kinetic art is the curtain, when opens when you release the weight to move the curtains out of the way. It reveals the painting of The Starry Night. 

The story was about the adventure of two friends, one named Emily who loves art, and the other friend named Tina who doesn’t like art at all. One day a colour-hating witch steals the Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh from a museum. Tina and Emily then get told that the must go out into the mystic woodlands to retrieve the paints to recreate The Starry Night. Along their journey, they encounter three paint protectors who challenge them. This leads to Tina to have a new appreciation for art. Finally, they retrieve all the paints and re-make the painting saving the day. 

What went well was my group and I managed our time properly by finding time after school when we were all able to meet up and work on the background, script, art piece, and the moving frame. We were organized with the tasks so we wouldn’t stress about anything the day of. Assigning rolls helped get things done efficiently and made them look well put together. 

What didn’t go so well was at the beginning of preforming the speaker tuned to a radio and it took a bit to get it to stop. That messed us up a bit so it was hard to get back into character and keep performing. Also one of my group members was sick for when we were supposed to preform. I had to memorize a different role and adapt to the situation. Other than that I think everything else was pretty good. 

I learned to work with people I didn’t know well since my group was a mix of grade 9s and 10s. At the start of DI I met them, but by the end I knew them and I learned how to work with people I didn’t know that well. I also learned how to be more confident during DI. Getting into character and being confident in myself and my group members for preforming. Along with understanding how to memorize fast the night before. Learning how to quickly memorize the lines of a new character is a valuable skill because it will improve my memory in the future. 

I can apply the skills that I learned in so many different sceneries and activities in my future. Learning how to be more confident in myself, the memorization, and working with a group will help me in the future DI tournaments. Also for the mPOLs, tPOLs, presentations in the future and for University. 


DI has helped me understand how to deal with difficult situations and think fast for what has been put in front of me. Instead of thinking of one path, I learned to think of a couple ways. Coming up in April there is a Destination Imagination Provincials tournament. Now that regionals is over my group and I are going to improve our story and keep practicing to hopefully get first place!