Hi, I’m Charlie. This blog is where I share my work that I made in PLP, (the program I am in). PLP stands for Performance Learning Program! 

To get to know me I will tell you somethings about me!

My dads side of the family owns a cabin where we all go up together. We usually all go up during the winter and summer. During the winter we either ice skate on the lake, snowmobile, sled, get pulled behind my dads jeep in sleds, or snowboard behind the snowmobiles. In the summer we go off-roading in my dads jeep, tubing, water skiing, wakeboarding, knee boarding or surfing behind the boat, go out on my dock, or swim. I always have so much fun up there with all my cousins and family. 

Another thing about me is my moms side of the family owns a sailboat that my great grandpa made. We like to go to a couple outstation like to Salt Spring Island or up the arm to Wig Wam. I love to sit on the front of the boat while we are sailing! I love the feeling of the wind blowing in my face. 

Here is why I put somethings in my collage and what they represent. 

The sun and palm tree represent Hawaii because I love to visit it Hawaii and I enjoy swimming there!

In my collage I put a couple photos of my pets. I have four guinea pigs and one dog that I love so much!

I also really love photography, especially taking photos of sunsets. A lot of those photos are token up at my cabin. 

Somethings I’m proud of is I’m keep improving on my clarinet and practicing it. I also am proud of my photography skills! I love to look back on my photos and see the different techniques I use to use verse what I use now. I also like to see how much I have improved. 

This is my gif that I made in Keynote. It shows all of the things I love and my hobbies. With all the photos I added to my head, I tried to make it like a puzzle!

These are things that I love doing or proud of. Thank you for reading all about me!