We started by looking at Shakespeare and his history, as well as analyzing themes and theme statements by looking at a Pixar short film called “Lou”. I found that the message was “Change can only come from within, even though it can be influenced by an outside force”.

That means that people can change, but only if they want to. It also means that the outside world can influence people’s actions.

We then proceeded to look at sonnets, and followed it up by making PLP themed sonnets, which you can read below:

Entrenched within Seycove’s old hallowed walls
Where teachers drone on with no end in sight.
With applicants coming new in the falls.
The mindsets they teach stay with us at night.

Our Norms we set but never following.
Memory will come if your things are intact.
Goals not told, but expect to be knowing.
The PLP is amazing in fact.

We research so much but use so much less.
The projects we learn from are too refined.
DI leads students to make such a mess.
The learning we finish will blow the mind.

Reading and writing, no longer the norm.
They make us learn, and watch us perform.


Sonnets are pretty cool, but also I’m not going to overly focus on the what, and instead of the  why and the reasons we learned it.


In Short, we watched a few movies (Warm Bodies, Gnomeo and Juliet, West Side Story, Romeo and Juliet (1968), Romeo + Juliet (1996)) and extracting themes from them into our “theme books” that we found text from the play, then connected it to adaptations that we had watched/read. In the end, I had a good time with this part of the project, and I think this helped me understand how to imbue the final video with more character and understanding of how to “be better”.


Then we got on to making our plague-stricken storyboard and video. But the issue is, on the first day of storyboarding, my entire group was away with the plague and the basketball academy. Anyways, it was a slog to come up with ideas, then when I was needed for filming, I came down with a mild case of the sick. Meaning I couldn’t do what I needed to for filming (V. Bad). Even worse, we only had one block to film our entire blockbuster production because one of our main characters (Jackson) had basketball academy (V. Bad for us).

but we persevered and managed to make a great film, thanks to editing from Ronan W. and Kadin with his hat productions. Enjoy


V. Respectfully

Your Humble Servant

Belle Ritchie