The Revolution of Nation X

Hello people!

We have just started a project called Storm the Barricades!  We just finished a civilization simulation on where we role played as members within a society.  We were split into 4 different social and economic groups.  Group A, the poorest, were peasants who made 1 dollar a day on sharpening pencils and creating 100-word reports on what happened on that day.  Group B, the group I was in, were middle class citizens who ran the store and made 2 dollars a day.  The next class was Group C, the police and law enforcers that made 10 dollars a day and “protected the city”.  The last group was the Nobles, they made all the important decisions with the king.  Lastly was the king, he made all the important decisions and good pass any law he wanted.  I sold things like candy and lemonade that you could actually consume for some money.

Day 1:

It was the first day of being under Nation X.  Mackenzie and both Charlies were the Clergy, they were able to pass whatever laws they want.  I was with Daniel, Cameron B, Keaton and Julia.  We were in charge of running the store and also had to write a daily 50 word report on what I did today.  We were also not allowed to communicate to people within group C and D without them talking first.

Today, I woke up and got ready to do my daily tasks.  We managed to sell about $70 worth of stuff, making us the richest group in all of Nation X.  Unfortunately, all our money was taken away from us.  About $50 were taken for “taxes,” which left us with only $20.   With all our money taken and most of our stock gone, we were very broke.  We tried to resist their arrest but were quickly outnumbered by the police force.  If we had not complied, we would have been arrested and sent to jail.

Day 2:

The sun rose on a dark and stormy day.  We spent what money we had to restock the store with foods and drinks.  However, we made lots of money!  We made about $150 and quickly hid it away!  We told the tax collectors that we only made $20 and had very little sales.  Not only that, I stole a bunch of that money from the king, clergy and nobility.  On the other hand, I was sent to jail 3 times for “assault and robbery” but escaped every time.  I punched the king when he found out that I was stealing from him!  I did this because the upper-class people had spent all of Nation X’s money.

Day 3:

I woke up today hoping to be promoted to the clergy class.  Daniel and I sent a formal request to join them.   We told them that we had experience on how we could better their rule over this nation.  However, we got rejected!  They said that we had to do something great in order to join.  I also had a criminal background which prevented me from even being promoted to the next estate.  As a compromise, Cameron B sent them a letter to make me the GOAT (greatest of all time) of Nation X.  They accepted and held a speech in honour of me!

Day 4:

Today I woke up to the sounds of people rioting outside.  They wanted to change the current monarchy to a democracy, so everyone had an equal chance to lead this nation.  I did not really care, I found the king, Charlie M, to be a pretty good ruler.  During the commotion, Nation X was hit with a disease.  It attacked the wrist, preventing anyone from group A and B from working.  This meant we were not going to get any pay, and the economy would come to a halt due to the lack of resources.  However, the king, decided to be merciful and gave all the infected a cure instead of profiting of it.  On the other hand, some groups were trying to buy some, which the king did not permit.   This enraged the people, so they tried to steal the only weapons in Nation X from the Clergy.  Tom, part of group C, managed to steal a weapon and gave it to his group members.  Jasper, a member in this group stole it and 2 people in group A with it.  At this point, it was pure chaos.  Me, Charlie M, Mackenzie and Logan fled to an allied nation so that we could be protected from them.


Day 5:

They welcomed us with open arms as we planned our counterattack on Nation X.  Charlie R, one of the leaders of the revolution and a traitor to group D, held a ceremony on their success in capturing the land.  Even though he was planning to turn the government into a democracy, the people disliked him due to the tyranny he caused while he was in rule with group D.  They decided to kill him due to his past connections with the king.  While all this was going on, me and the people who fled to group D took upon this opportunity and secretly entered the land while their backs were towards us.  While they executed Charlie R, me, Logan and Charlie M took our weapons and slaughtered almost everyone there.  I set aside my past friends and allies as I stole all their belongings after they died.   Nation Y had now fully invaded Nation X and had total control over it.

Overall, I found this simulation really fun.  Not only that, but I also felt like this simulation was very similar to the French revolution due to some of the things that happened.  In both, the royalty and upper class would spend lots of money even though the nation had no money, which caused them to tax the poor more.   Also, food was scarce for France because of multiple bad harvests while Nation X was hit with a disease which did not allow us to work.  If I were to do this again, I hope to be of the Clergy so that I could live a lavish lifestyle.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!


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