Yay Yay Cray Cray (Part Two)

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the end of post for Cray Cray Yay Yay!  We made it to the end, persevering through presentations, adventures and essays for two months.  It was a really valuable project, and I actually really enjoyed learning about the crazy people, and going on the field study to Seattle.  Overall, it was a really great journey that changed me into a “crazy person.”  Hope you enjoy.

Driving Question:  Why does it take a crazy person to change the world?

So… What is crazy..?

The Performance Learning Program (PLP), defined crazy based of the 1997 Crazy Ones ad by Apple.  They defined crazy as being unique, different, and doing things that no normal person would do.

I think this project was a real major success for me, I learnt a lot and made memories that would last a lifetime.  I am proud of the work that I had created; they answered the questions, and I tried to go above and beyond with it.

The trip really allowed me to bond with friends, and experience the crazy ones effects in person.  I was able to see their contributions to society, which really allowed me to connect on what I was saying in my presentations, to be able to see how different the world be with them.  The field study gave me time to gather evidence, to be able to support the thesis that I was trying to create.

One thing that I felt negative about throughout this entire process, was that I was really busy and overloaded with work, which led me to being quite tired.  I still tried to make sure that all of my work was up to the PLP standard, and supported my group with my leadership.  This may have been a bad thing, but I was able to endure it out, and push myself to keep going.

What have I learnt from this?

To take the risk, to take that one step that you have been putting yourself off.  It only takes one day to change your life, to be able to change the world.

How did we put show our understanding of this topic?

We used PechKuchas, a presentation style that has a twenty by twenty format with no text or script.  In total, there are twenty slides and we only get twenty seconds for each of them.  This made us have to think on the spot, and time it right so that you have just the right amount of time so that you don’t spill over a slide.

For this section of the project, I worked with Jupiter, Callum, and Jasper to create and present the slides we were going to display to our parents.  Like in Destination Imagination, I was not super close to my group members, which led to us doing our own things, and sometimes the others would get distracted.  Even through this problem, we still managed to continue working, and create a pretty successful PechaKucha presentation to our parents.  To give work to my teammates, I decided that implementing their skills could greatly benefit our work.  I got them to draw out different images that supported the image on the slide, which really enhanced how it looked and made it stand out.  It was a pleasure working with them, and I thought that we did a great job.


To conclude this project, I had a really great time learning, understanding, and working in order to create an understanding on what it takes to be crazy.  Being crazy means taking risks, doing this that could potentially end all your hard work. Being crazy means thinking outside the box, seeing ideas, and sticking to it so that you are able to see the benefits of it after.  Being crazy means being you, we are all crazy in some way, and know how we individually can change the world, but we are to scared to actually do anything.

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