🗞Deep Cove Advertisement Project🗞

B. Bbhuu

  • This was my final product after many, many drafts, some gone right, others not so much...



   “During the Deep Cove advertisement process, I learned multiple contributing factors used in professional advertising and how to use them in my own advertisements.” That is my final statement as to what the process has taught me.

TeroVesalainen / Pixabay

To rewind, my class was assigned a project, like many others, it involved logic, creativity, and teamwork. Our task was broken down into many steps involving critique from both teachers and peers, interviews with different business and companies, and creating our own variations on advertisements for a particular business.

Our class was divided into small 4-5 person groups, mine involved myself, Thomas, Brenton, and Emily. As a group we collectively decided to call one specific business after another. After being rejected by 10 different businesses,  we found one that  set up an interview with us. We visited Deep Water Micro Eatery.  After having an awesome interview with the owner, Seth, my group set off to begin our advertising journey. After one week we had gone through the first two drafts of our ads and let me get it out there, they were all TERRIBLE. Once another Monday came over us like a freezing bucket of water being dumped on your head at 6am on a Saturday morning, we had finished our third drafts, and surprisingly enough, the turnout wasn’t as bad as expected. After receiving critique from our teachers and peers once more. We finished ( or so we thought ) off the project with our fourth and final product, the one we would soon show to an employee at an advertising company in Greater Vancouver…

On the following Friday, we visited the Pound & Grain  advertising company downtown. They welcomed the 27 hyper eighth grade students with open arms, and open minds. As we showed them our ads, we received professional feedback, something no other PLP 8 class has ever had the privilege of. As the meeting came to an end we took our recorded sketchnotes and revised our ads, AGAIN. With the help from those at Pound & Grain, our peers, and teachers, we came forth with our final product and you guessed it, revised it again, and again, and again. After all this was just practice

  “During the Deep Cove advertisement process I learned multiple contributing factors used in professional advertising and how to use them in my own advertisements.” I said it, and meant it. I learned that you can have a fantastic idea in your head and have a perfectly comprehended plan as to how I will put it in place. But that doesn’t always work out. To add on to the part in which I created the plan itself, I learned techniques that appeal to specific audiences and how to use them. On the other hand I learned what appeals to me doesn’t always appeal to other people. To sum up, this project went towards preparing me for one just the same, but yet, completely different…


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