🎄Student Blogging Challenge Week 8: Celebrations & Festivals🎄

   My Christmas Traditions



   During the holidays, my family gets very busy. With my brothers birthday, my grandpa’s birthday, Christmas shopping, Christmas dinner, secret santa, and Christmas  decorating. For this weeks SBC post I’m talking about a few of my favourite family traditions. 



1. Christmas Eve Movie

   Every year for as long as I can remember, I’ve sat down on Christmas Eve and watched The Sound of Music with my family. Honestly I don’t know how this tradition came to be, but to this day I love it. It might seem like your average movie night but there are many things going on behind the scenes ( which makes it even more fun ) to due with the jolly man to come!



2. Christmas Eve “behind the scenes”

   As previously mentioned, during the events of the night before Christmas, there is some pretty special stuff going on behind the scenes. Every year since I was little, “santa,” has gone through TWO trips to my house. One on Christmas while we’re asleep, the other on Christmas Eve. “Santa,” comes by and leaves us brand new pyjamas outside on the windowsill.



3. Christmas Cookies

   Another pre-Christmas tradition is making Christmas cookies with my aunt. That may sound SUPER cliche, but I promise it’s not. My aunt, a baker, helps my siblings and I make a large variety of choosiest, some iced, sprinkled, or left plain. The end result is usually, a years worth of sweets, a ruined kitchen, and time well spent!


jill111 / Pixabay


If you’ve also noticed, I’ve spiced up my blog for the upcoming holiday that I am clearly super excited for!

  Happy Holidays…   Ciara ✌️

🧐Student Blogging Challenge Week 7: Choice🧐


   This weeks blog post was entirely up to us, which I took as an advantage. In thugs post I’ve chosen to writing about my love for…writing. Writing has been a big part of my life since I was little. Over the years I’ve been to festivals, workshops, and been apart of contests all about writing fictional stories. When I was younger, I started to write about different topics weather they were inspired by book I had recently read, dreams I had recently had, or even random ideas inspired by trying or seeing something new or unexpected. 

Free-Photos / Pixabay

Now that I’m older, I love writing the beginnings of novels I’ll probably never finish, and short stories that I like to keep hidden and unread. To go along with our current lesson in PLP, writing has greatly effected my worldview from a young age and will continue to effect it as I grow up. Point is, I love to write and do it all the time

📸Portraits Learning Project📸

   In the past weeks, my class has been focusing on making a picture. This basically means instead of snapping an unfocused, or rushed shot, we take our time, focus, and edit the image properly. We were assigned with a project in which we had to take a variety of different photos using different techniques and methods to make a photo.

  1. Portrait 

   The first shot was a portrait. We had To take a picture of ourselves that wasn’t a selfie. Here’s mine!





2. Silhouette 

   For the second shot we had to take a silhouette. Pretty much we had to direct the lens at a strong light and stand in front of it to outline our shape but not our features.





3. Portrait of Someone Else

   For this shot we had to take a photo of someone else, I chose my friend Malaika. 



4. Blast From The Past

   The final shot was one taken long ago. We were assigned a blast from the past portrait in which we took a picture of our younger selves and recreated it as best as we could. Below is mine!


Age 6



Age 13 



All of these photos allow me to get a better understanding of what making a photo really means. Portraits teach me how to set up, time, and focus photos. Silhouette photography has taught me and entirely new photography skill, I didn’t even really know hoe to make this type of photo before this. And honestly the blast from the past was fun and helped me to understand how to recreate a photo in any situation.


Ciara ✌️

🧬Student Blogging Challenge Week 6: Science🧬




 Animal biology, also known as zoology is the branch of biological studies that evolve around the animal kingdom. Zoologists study things such as the structure of embryology, evolution, habits of animals both living and extinct,  and the classification of animals. I decided to dive in and do a little bit of research on the zoological topic. Zoology is one of the broadest fields of science. The subjects that correspond with zoology can ranges for is single celled organisms to behaviour groups and even human biology. What is Zoology? It is really hard to define did how many fields it has within it. Though talking about zoology as one would be easier I decided dive in a little deeper with the subject of animal habits. Animal habits can range from different species using different methods of communication, hunting or teamwork, to how animals behave individually.


WikiImages / Pixabay

IanZA / Pixabay

alvaroas8a0 / Pixabay




  My personal favourite animal behaviour and habits is dolphins, whales, and porpoises all having a greater capacity for emotional intelligence than humans. This is how it works. In the study of neurology there is the term for system that is responsible for instinct mood controlling basic emotions and the formation of memories called the limbic system. Humans have a particularly large limbic system as we have some of the most developed brain on the planet. Funny thing is dolphins and whales have a larger limbic system than humans do allowing them to have a greater capacity for emotional complexity, instincts, and mood, then the average human being. This explains the ongoing study surrounding the fact the dolphins and whales are self-aware social communicators and superb at reading one another’s emotions evidence of this emotional social awareness is shown in dolphins and whales when they treat each another, this explains the ongoing study surrounding the fact the dolphins and whales are self-aware social communicators and superb reading one another’s emotions evidence of this emotional social awareness is shown in dolphins and whales when they communicate with one another.


Claudia14 / Pixabay







As you can see I’ve invited a video below on the topic of zoology there’s also the option to take the quiz that I’ve also in bedded in my post down below peace out As you can see I don’t bedded video below on the topic of zoology there’s also the option to take the quiz that I’ve also embedded in my post down below.






Click HERE for the zoology quiz



✏️Awesome Images✏️

   This past semester during class the other PLP 8’s and I have been working our photo editing skills this includes things like app smashing, (using more than one app to edit a photo), line draw animation, and using SuperimposeX. In the past week we were given a challenge to use only the tools given in the photo app embedded in our iPads to create a personified picture. Honestly after months of using different and more advanced Photo editing techniques this was challenging, at first… To be real for a sec it wasn’t really that challenging it was just irritating that we weren’t allowed to use specific tools given in iwork or add any shapes, filters, or heal out anything we didn’t need from our photos. The challenge was to take a series of photos of everyday objects in a clean-cut background so that we can give them a wordless story through the markup tool.





In the end, this assignment helped me to show off my skills when using the photo app alone. I created 4 awesome images and they helped me to reflect on how everyday objects being photographed and edited can help to teach me and improve my techniques when editing real, important photos.









👥Student Blogging Challenge Week 5: Two Types of People👥

So this weeks student blogging challenge required me to make a post about the two types of people in the world. Weather that means through politics, or weather you like Coca Cola or Pepsi better, I don’t know. I’ve made a poll based on two types of people. Please feel free to comment anything you liked about it or anything you think I should revise!

ElisaRiva / Pixabay

Click on the link below to begin the poll. For any and all reasons your answers will not be public unless you choose to comment about them ( please do )!!!!


😜Student Blogging Challenge Week 4: Emojis😜

   So in the past few weeks, my blog has been experiencing everyday updates, weekly posts, and intense customization changes. I don’t quite know how, but this post from week 4 of the SBC was deleted along the way. This is me finally realizing that it was no longer up and re-posting it. I’m sorry to anyone hoping to try out my emoji video challenge in the past weeks.

Just below is my week 4 emoji video challenge. The video consists of a game that will be further explained in the video. If you do choose to participate, great. Please feel free to leave a comment on any thoughts and even your score on the quiz. 

Good luck, ciara ✌️


Disney Emoji Game



🛣Oregon Field Study Advertisment Reflection🛣



  • Obviously I was headed in the wrong direction




    Hey guys! As you’ve seen from my recent post I sent on an awesome field school to Oregon with my PLP 8 cohort. During the trip we were assigned groups to interview a business in order to complete an advertising project similar to the one done in Deep Cove earlier this year. 



Obviously I was headed in the wrong direction



   The outline of the project was to create an ad for the business assigned to your group. My group, Finn, Rhiann, Felix, and Grace were assigned to Marine Discovery Tours in Newport, OR. 



I changed the opacity of the square and added more ( but not enough ) information



   As you can see my first draft was really something… during our interview, our “client,” suggested bright colours and family friendly vibes. This draft was messy but did compile some of those aspects.




TeroVesalainen / Pixabay




   The second draft for my ad was an improvement no doubt. But it was still missing multiple important aspects such as information, and a clearer perspective on what I was actually selling. This draft was a stepping stone in the process that lead me away from animated crabs and bright yellow cuts.





After receiving critique from my classmates I tried to improve but got stuck in a never ending loop. Drafts 3 and 4 were hardly what I needed to really succeed. During the entire process as a whole, I received helpful critique from my teacher, peers, and even PLP 11’s. Though I received the critique itself, I still struggled with making my ad better.





I think the best to come out of this project was all about the critique I recieved from multiple audiences all liable to have an interest in what I was selling.


Ciara ✌️