🎶It’s The End Of A Very Long Series Of Posts As We Know It🎶

   Oh my gosh it’s feels like I’ve been writing for as long as I’ve been alive!!! I’m not even warning you this time in just cutting to the chase. After multiple drafts we had our final draft done and ready to go, but of course Ms. Willemse decided to throw a little twist into the mix. Instead of being done with the project our teacher had us combine our lyrics as a group. Matthew, Jude, and Zoe are my group members and we had some pretty stellar lyrics to work with. As we combined our lyrics we learned that between the four of us a couple individuals branched out and wrote in their song a bit more that wasn’t accustomed to just themselves. This gave us ample opportunity to make our song fairly relatable. We only had one draft for this but luckily the lyrics weren’t the problem. The recording was.

  The lyrics were done and we just needed to record but with such vastly different voices and opinions on how our song should be structured. We worked with different methods of audio tune and for the most part it didn’t work out what sounded good with one person’s voice sounded absolutely horrific with another. Eventually we split up our song from verse to chorus to a little bit of backup and tuned them to what was appropriate. Each person recorded their own versus Zoe and I sang backup, and we split the chorus so that it didn’t sound like death metal. As a group we are very happy with our final song product but with a song comes a video…

  Once again we thought we were done until we had to make a video using photos from grade 7 and 8. The photos not only had to be nice but also had to somehow represent worldview and how it has shifted. We met up with PLP’s grade 11’s last week and they gave us great feedback and critique. We edited our photos to better show some of the changes in our lives and how they represent our worldview!

  This final post represents the end of what feels like an era. Once again it’s been 45 days since this whole thing started and I have invested myself in this project way more than any project we done so far. I really loved learning about the crusades and history in Europe and realizing how much the cultural exchange relates to our transitioning from elementary to secondary school.


Til next time….. Ciara ✌️

💬It’s The End Of The World As We Know It pt.2💬

Hello fellow humans, I’m back here with pt.2 of my “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It,” reflection. Now I’m just gonna skip the intro so if you’re looking for some witty wording and light humour, resort to pt.1 of this reflection. Now let’s cut to the chase. In my last post I talked about the building knowledge part of this huge project, now I’m talking about the development of the final product and the critique that comes with!

geralt / Pixabay

  After we wrote our crusades paragraphs we transitioned into putting our knowledge into words. We made MindNodes. MindNode is basically a thought bubble/web building app that allowed for me to put everything I’d learned into words which later became song. ( more on that later )

The requirements for the MindNode were; show how the transition from elementary school to secondary school is represented in each aspect of worldview. Below is mine!

  So how did the use of MindNode affect my final product? Good question. Making thought bubbles and webs was never really a part of my thinking process until this year. I now resort to using this method in every project whether it’s required or not. During this long winded and painful journey we had to give three examples of transitional effects from each aspect of worldview and I had more than a few realizations about how much my life has changed since starting high school. This allowed for me to write a much more honest song and I didn’t have to stick to the cliche, “more homework, harder to navigate, and couldn’t find my locker.”


  Not only was the MindNode helpful for my understanding of things, but it lead on to be a great help with the next assignment, the triple venn diagram! A venn diagram is simple, I’ve used them since kindergarten. So why did the “triple venn diagram” sound much more intimidating? Here is why. In order to complete this task we needed to share the somewhat personal stuff recorded in our MindNodes. Not only with our teachers, but with our peers. I was not present on the day we shared but a few of my friends helped me out by giving me their opinions on the transition. Another factor in our diagrams was the opinions of “the experts…”

You may be asking yourself, who??? We were also given a document written by a group of scientists working with teens transitioning from elementary to high school. In the article they talked about the stress of the situation, the changes in ones personality, peer pressure, and even gender influenced anxiety. At first the venn diagram didn’t really help me but I later understood why we had to do it. The assignment was to show us how our opinions about how this transition combined with that of others is a real eye opener in how our overall worldview has been affected.

  Almost finally, you will learn about the song in question. Yes we had to sing. Yes it was embarrassing. Yes our teachers made us present them. That is the more humiliating side of this project. Once we had built up the knowledge and put it into words and even real life situations, we had to put it into song lyrics. Remember the title of this series of posts? Yeah well, “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It,” by REM is the song that would be altered just as Stephen Colbert did in his rendition “It’s The End Of The Year As We Know It.”

  Just as Stephen did, we altered the lyrics to a limit and made our song center around our worldview shift since entering secondary school. We wrote multiple drafts, some accepted and others rejected. Eventually, they were ready to be recorded. Once again if you live on the moon then it’s in my best interest that you know, PLP uses iPads instead of pencil, paper, and textbooks. So inevitably we used GarageBand. GarageBand allows for you to edit you voice and add audio tune. (thank god)


We did 2-3 drafts of our songs and received peer critique on both the lyrics and the singing, which was it’s share of purely embarrassing. I am really grateful for the critique I received. It helped me notice things I probably would’ve been defensive about and even little things that made the song soooo much better. After mastering the art of GarageBand I had learned so much about using music software and about how much it can help bring anything from a soundtrack to a professionally recorded song to life.

See y’all in post number 3 ✌️

💡It’s The End Of The World As We Know It pt.1💡

    It’s been a exactly 45 days since the topic in question was raised. “How has the transition from elementary school to secondary school challenged your worldview.” In saying this, 45 days seems like a lot, especially considering the fact that we’re talking about a humanities project. This may be true but as the days have gone by practically squeezing the life out of me I haven’t really noticed how fast time goes by when you’re sincerely invested in a topic. Moving on. I can envision the moment myself and all my peers stumbled into our familiar classroom to the shocking sight of our teacher Ms. Willemse rocking it out to REM’s “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It.” On that day, January 10th 2019 we grazed the subject of worldview once again. On the off chance that you live on the moon and have not come across one of the 28 posts on our previous project surrounding worldview go read mine!


  We started off this project with a bit of research on the infamous fall of Rome. We learned about 8 factors that helped the empire to collapse and make a gateway for Feudal Europe. After researching and presenting what we know, we made a question board. We had been given the project overview and had tons of questions such as; “what is feudal society?” Or “How does this relate to the fall of Rome?” This was not only a question board. It was split into three sections know, need to know, and goals. I set the goal to use my creative and logical instincts to complete this project. For the most part I succeeded. In PLP we use the know, need to know, and goals board to get a better understanding of a project. At the beginning of this particular project I felt as though this method really help me grasp the idea of what we were setting out to do.


  Our next step in building knowledge was learning all about the crusades in Europe. After the fall of Rome, Europe seemed to fall into a slump, forgetting all of the knowledge passed down by the fallen romans. We started reading a novel entitled “The Book of The Lion.” The novel, although short, taught me about some of what happened to those who fought in the crusades, who travelled to the holy land, who brought back knowledge, resources, and disease. During our readings we had three assignments, one per week. Connector, illustrator, and investigator. Each one had different requirements i.e. Connector; connect a part of the readings to a real life event, book, or movie. Illustrator; sketch a scene from the book that you think is important to the plot line. Investigator; do a bit of research about something in the book that you find interesting or is important to the story. In doing these we learned some valuable stuff individually and in our groups. Especially in the case where we are able to connect all three during discussion!



  Our next assignment was considered a milestone. After reading the novel, watching documentaries, and taking past knowledge into account we set out to write our own paragraph answering the following question. “How did the crusades encourage a cultural exchange to shift worldview?” At first I asked myself how. As my thoughts on the question grew more complex I started writing. The requirement for the paragraph was that we were to show how either the muslims worldview shifted due to the crusades or the same for the Western Europeans. I went with the Europeans because of the vast shift in every aspect of worldview. (again read my previous post) This paragraph helped me to understand how the transition in cultural exchange vastly boosted Europe out of their slump and into the renaissance period. This realization gave me ample opportunities to understand how this whole lesson relates back to the driving question.

 I felt it best to write this reflection in three parts so read the pt.2 post coming out shortly!