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   Gooooooood morning, Vietnam! Just kidding its more like good morning Canada, well I guess 1867 Canada. What kind of intro was that? Valid question considering it came from basically nowhere. Well allow me to guide you through the years 1865, 1866 and 1867, the glory days of Canada’s confederation. This was an awesome project and as per usual, I’m a history nut so it was a blast. In the past few weeks we’ve been studying the Canadian confederation and the events that significantly impacted the final decision. As is with most of our projects, we were divided into groups with our peers. These groups were built to represent a specific colony that took part in each of the confederation conferences. Our overall challenge was to of course take away as much as we could from the projects and lessons, but to also come to confederation in our classes simulated version of Canada’s. We would end up representing our understanding and evidence thorough a green screen based commercial advertising our colony’s final demands. All of this went towards our answer to the driving question, “how and why did Canada develop into a nation.”

   The first milestone that instantly sparked a greater sense of curiosity on the topic was “why confederation?” Our project’s first milestone challenged us to recognize evidence as to why confederation was a good idea in it’s time. As I previously mentioned this sparked my interest in some of the factors of confederation, especially those that could both make and break the colonies altogether, something we looked closer at with milestone two, our group’s initial research. Both these tasks are the ones that stand out to me in the sense that I can see how I achieved recognizing and representing evidence and presenting it, even if it was in simple paragraph and point form.

   The other milestones that was super great for me and my overall takeaway was our preliminary and final proposals. This was a fantastic example of how I could represent and justify the many examples we had for each proposal. We created keynotes that would visually aid our first proposals and of course our commercial was there to represent our last. This was the best way that I could show my ability to create representation of the evidence we proposed to the other colonies. Not  only that, but it was also so much fun to be able to negotiate the terms of confederation as though our decisions were real and had huge impacts.

   All in all, this project definitely benefitted me, especially content wise. My video skills have been building for quite some time now and this was actually my first time using a green screen. I would really like to learn more and build upon my skills using a green screen for the future. That being said our commercial was undeniably lacking some key components. The editing and filming was rough and our sound quality wasn’t up to snuff. The content, as previously said, was the biggest takeaway. As we’ve began on our next project I can see that this was a base project for lots more to come. It wasn’t perfect by any standards, and no, we did not reach confederation as a class, but nonetheless I learned a lot and enjoyed myself while doing it.

Once again, Thanks for coming to my TED Talk