✰SBC Week 4: Free Choice✰

   Bonjour, and welcome to week 4 of SBC! This week we were given a free choice, which basically means I can write a post about anything I want and use the time to catchup on other work, which believe me I have a lot of! That might seem ridiculous considering the current global crisis evolving around COVID-19 but everywhere in the world is handling this pandemic differently. I’ve decided to take this free choice opportunity to ask my readers about their experiences during the pandemic. 

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   I’ve basically spent my time as if I were a cat. Sleep all day, eat when I’m bored and do very little physical activity. Not exactly the healthiest habits but I will admit that it was hard for me to cope at first. Having school closed and my soccer season suspended indefinitely was weird and shocking. Now were about a month or so into quarantine and I’ve changed up my habits. Living in BC comes with lots of rain but as we get closer to summer the temperature is rising and the sun is out way more often. I’ve been biking almost daily, jogging with my brother, and playing soccer at fields nearby. As for the school side of things, we started our online classes and so far I’m actually kind of enjoying them. Like most students, I miss the classroom setting but online school isn’t as bad as I would’ve thought. We’ve been working on a couple projects and I’m happy to report that I’m still learning lots!

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   Lot’s of people around the world have been taking up quarantine activities. Some of my friends have been cooking, practicing new instruments, and even learning macramé. Of course in the era of Netflix and constant streaming, we’ve all been bingeing way to much TV. I’ve watched Brooklyn-Nine-Nine, Gossip Girl, and Grey’s Anatomy more than ever before! I’ve also been experiencing a sort of personal cultural reset back to 2013/14. Re-reading the Percy Jackson and Hunger Games series and listening to an unhealthy amount of One Direction has brought me right back to simpler times. (Not even kidding my inner Directioner is resurfacing.)

One Direction 2013

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  All in all, quarantine has had it’s difficulties but I’ve worked through them and hope to continue being optimistic during this time! Now my question for you guys. In the comments let me know how your quarantine experience is going! It’s certainly not going to be the same for everyone so I’m curious!

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk

– Ciara

2 thoughts on “✰SBC Week 4: Free Choice✰

  1. Teri says:

    Hi Ciara —
    It’s Teri, the volunteer commenter again. I’m glad to hear you made some positive adjustments during this pandemic. I can relate to much of what you have described. When the “shelter in place” order was first posted by Govenor DeWine in Ohio, I was productive by cleaning out rooms in the house. Unfortunately my energy didn’t last long. My office room is only half finished. Like you, I too have been bingeing way too much on TV shows and movies. I’ve never seen any of the shows you mentioned. What streaming service do you use? Which of those shows would you recommend? I use Amazon Prime. Over the past two months, I’ve been watching Star Trek, The Next Generation. So far, I’m about half way through season 6. I really enjoy it. When it initially aired from 1987-1994, I was in college and didn’t have time to watch TV.

    As a volunteer commentor, I’ve visited many student blogs during the past two months. I’ve been amazed to discover how many are having the same type of experiences: schools closed and students moving to online learning, sports seasons put on hold, doctors appointments changed to virtual visits, people working from home, etc. For me personally, the one thing I miss is being able to go out to eat for supper. In Ohio our restaurants are set to open this week, but at a reduced seating capacity. Even when we are able, my family is afraid to go out. Our family vacation to California also had to be cancelled, and that is very disappointing.

    You are right though — maintaining a positive attitude is very important during this time. I’m glad to hear that you are including exercise in your routine. I know I feel much better the days I”m able to exercise. I think I should take your advice and learn something new. Maybe I will take this opportunity to create my own blog so it will be ready for the student blogging challenge in October!
    Stay safe!
    Teri — #stubc commentor

    • Ciara says:

      Hi Teri!

      It’s always fantastic to hear that lots of people everywhere in the world are making adjustments in positive ways! I’m glad that you are trying to do the same! I haven’t watched Star Trek, The Next Generation yet but maybe I’ll give it a whip round! I typically use Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney+ to watch TV depending on my mood. Here in BC restaurants aren’t opening yet but some more of our many National and Provincial Parks are reopening soon!

      It’s really unfortunate that your family’s vacation to California got canceled. My family didn’t have anything planned over spring break but it’s still disappointing to hear about other peoples trips getting canceled. We were trying to go to Europe or Hawaii this summer and now it looks like we’ll be staying closer to home. My family vacationed in California this past Christmas which was really fun! We go nearly every year and spend a few days in Disneyland as well as at the beach depending on the time of year. I hope you’ll get to go soon!

      Thanks for the comment

      – Ciara

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